Friday, 31 December 2010

The Valentines - The Complete Singles

Every Day I Have To Cry/I Can't Dance With You/She Said/To Know You Is To Love You/I Can Hear The Raindrops/Why Me/Peculiar Hole In The Sky/Love Makes Sweet Music/Nick Nack Paddy Wack/Getting Better/Ebeneezeer/My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man/Juliette/Hoochie Coochie Billy/Sookie Sookie/Coke Ad/Build Me Up Buttercup

The Valentines were an Australian rock 'n' roll band active from 1966-1970, chiefly noted for their lead singers, Bon Scott, who later went on to great success as lead vocalist with AC/DC, and Vince Lovegrove, who subsequently became a successful music journalist and manager of Divinyls.

The band was formed in late 1966 with the amalgamation of Perth groups The Spektors and The Winstons. They capitalised on the success of both the former bands, plus the interest created by having two lead singers in Scott and Lovegrove. Inspired by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and local stars The Easybeats, they enjoyed considerable local success and released a few singles.

In late 1967, The Valentines moved to Melbourne in search of greater success, and soon toured other major cities. With a development towards the popular Bubblegum sound late in 1968, the band became more in demand, particularly among teenage girls. However as the fashion for bubblegum music wore off, The Valentines struggled to retain their musical credibility despite a turn towards rock music. With differing opinions within the band concerning musical direction, and a much-publicised drugs bust in September 1969, group stability began to suffer. Although they still had a strong fanbase in certain areas of the country, especially back home in Perth, The Valentines decided to disband amicably in August 1970.

Scott had built a strong reputation as a powerful vocalist and soon joined Fraternity, and later AC/DC. Lovegrove found success as a music journalist, and guitarist Wyn Milson became a sound engineer.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Stevie Wright - Live At The Bridgeway Hotel Adelaide '87

Hard Road/Guitar Band/I'll Make You Happy/Sorry/Wedding Ring/Brothers/My Kind Of Music/St. Louis/ I've Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now/ Friday On My Mind/Black Eyed Bruiser/Evie Pt 1, 2 & 3/You/She's So Fine

I've posted this before somewhere maybe Midoztouch but for those who missed it here is a rip from the DVD Little Stevie Live at the Bridgeway Hotel in Adelaide in 1987 a great show and Stevie is in good form.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Mary Schneider - The Magic Of Yodelling

When the New York papers wrote "Mary Schneider, Australia's Queen Of Yodelling, takes New York by storm" it was yet another exciting development in the career of this legendary singer.Firstly, let's look back down the road that has taken Mary from Queensland to 'Queen'!
The youngest of five musical children, Mary's father died when she was one year old. She began playing the ukulele at age four and caught the yodelling bug at six, probably from her German/Bavarian background. All her brothers and sisters would sit around the kitchen table every night and sing wonderful four-part harmonies. Yes - music was important in their household. As a child, she would practice yodelling while sitting up in a mango tree in the backyard of her Queensland Australia home.
Mary began singing professionally at age 11. Her performing career really began when, as the Schneider Sisters, Mary and her sister Rita had an Instrumental/Vocal Variety Act. They first recorded regularly for EMI Regal Zonophone and then had a long and successful career together. They appeared regularly on TV and at Venues and Clubs throughout Australia and Overseas.
Through the years, Mary developed into an accomplished musician and singer, taking operatic training and working on TV and Radio all over Australia and the Far East as a Jazz and Country singer. Her love of jazz developed through her brother who was a jazz guitarist in the style of Django Rheinhardt.
With an unquenchable combination of a powerful voice and vibrant personality, she has been in constant demand for personnal appearances and recordings. However, a frantic schedule of stage and media work kept her away from recording for many years until the 80s when she was persuaded to return to the studio to cut some yodelling albums. These featured a mixture of Country, Novelty and European songs which not only established Mary internationally as a yodeller of top quality but also triggered a yodelling revival. Mary has been recording ever since, and at present, is in the midst of a new Album.
During this time, Mary also became a rare Multi-Award Winner of the coveted "Mo" Award for Best Vocal/Instrumental Performer, the pinnacle of Australian Show Business - a winner of no less than five "Mo" Awards.She has acquired many other Awards for her Singing and Songwriting Talents.
A major turning point in Mary's life began when one night she dreamt she was walking down a marble staircase - not only singing an Operatic Aria but yodelling it as well. "Yodelling The Classics" was born! A WORLD FIRST!
"Yodelling The Classics Vols 1 and 2" have been an important step in her career and made her a cult figure throughout the World. Mary's Albums have earned her gold and platinum status and she has been featured in the prestigious Guiness Encylopedia of Popular Music.
During her many trips to Europe, she has appeared on special TV Shows- The Deutsche Academy Awards from the Berlin Opera House - In Concert at the Hanover Expo appearing with Sir Peter Ustinov and Jose Carreras - Winterfest Der Volksmusik - Queer Carnival and Casa Nostra Switzerland to name a few .... also Jean Paul Gaultier's Eurotrash three times.
In the USA, her appearances included Regis and Kathy Lee, The Howard Stern Show, Good Morning America, E-Entertainment, Crook and Chase, Good-Day New York, CNN's Showbiz Today and many more. She has also appeared in hundreds of TV Shows in her own country, Australia. Recently, she was chosen as one of the Icons in a special Documentary on UK/TV on Australian Icons alongside Kylie, Lifesavers and Red-back Spiders
Mary's music has been included in the Disney Movie "I'll be Home For Christmas", Torville and Dean Ice Skating Specials, Miller's Beer Commercials, Dudley Do Right Film, "Just Married" Movie, McDonald's Commercials, ABC Station ID, "Dirty Deeds" Movie etc.
Mary has been inducted into the "Hands Of Fame" "Walk Of Honour" "Walk A Country Mile" and with her sister Rita, was inducted onto the "Roll Of Renown". Recently, also with Rita, the "Lifetime Achievement Award".
Mary's wonderful career is still going from strength to strength after so many years and she still enjoys rave reviews due to her undeniable vocal excellence which is her trade mark.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kevin Borich - Celebration

Snowball King/Goin' Somewhere/Mon Ami/Celebration/I Just Wanna Love You/Rainbows/Goin' Down Town/Love My Love (Will Carry On)

After the La De Das split, Kevin had a small stint with John Paul Young and the All Stars.
Kevin attempted to form a new group and by mid 1976, the Express was formed with Harry and Barry. This line-up was very short lived and the only known recording by them was "The End Of Me". This song would eventually appear on the various artists compilation album "Australian Guitar Album". Reuben San Fiansco, on bass, and Gil Matthews, on drums, replaced Harry and Barry. Matthews only stayed for a handful of gigs before returning to his seat with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. He was replaced by John Annas on drums in July 1976.
The band was signed by Image Records and in October 1976 the first single "I'm Going Somewhere"/"Scene From Star Crossed Lovers" was released. The song was introduced by a train whistle sound and it became the band's signature tune. Tim Partridge took over from San Fiansco and the new line-up completed the debut album "Celebration". Released in March 1977, a second single "Goin' Down Town" was issued.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Four Kinsmen - Live & Well

In 1962 Bernard Mahony and his younger sibling Adrian joined up with brothers Peter and George Fay to form the Four Kinsmen. Their first appearance was on Kevin Dennis Auditions. This show went to air at 6am on a Saturday morning live.The judges were Bert Newton, Frank Wilson and Geoff Brooks. They won and were given a spot on Graeme Kennedy's "In Melbourne Tonight".More success followed with a top 40 record and more TV exposure it was then they decided to turn professionaland take the plunge and leave for England to learn the ropes. After much hard work they were given a 3 month season with Dave Allen at a theatre restaurant which gave them a much needed opportunity to cement their position.
Over the next 3 years they worked with Englebert Humperdink,Des O'Connor,Val Doonican,Benny Hill,Moorecombe and Wise and toured Spain,France Germany and Sweden.While in England they released 3 singles and did a pantomime season along with the New Vaudeville Band.
They then decided to return to Australia and as the seasoned professionals that they now were had no problem gaining work on the club scene in Sydney With their brand of humour singing and new approach to entertaining they were always in demand. In 1974 their hard work was rewarded with a prestigious "Mo Award", they were voted best vocal group and "Entertainers of the Year".The group were in great demand overseas with work in South East Asia and Las Vegas keeping them busy. By 1979 all the travel was starting to take it's toll and Bernard left the group and by 1985 all the brothers had left with their places being taken by new Kinsmen who would carry the name and high standards on until 2004.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Eurogliders - We Will Together

We Will Together/Wildfire

Eurogliders were an Indie pop band formed in 1980 in Perth, Western Australia, which included mainstays Grace Knight on vocals and Bernie Lynch on guitar and vocals. In 1984, Eurogliders released an Australian top ten album, This Island, which spawned their #2 hit single, "Heaven (Must Be There)". "Heaven" also peaked at #21 on the United States, Billboard Mainstream Rock charts and appeared on the Hot 100. Another Australian top ten album, Absolutely, followed in 1985, which provided three further local top ten singles, "We Will Together", "The City of Soul" and "Can't Wait to See You". They disbanded in 1989, with Knight having a successful career as a jazz singer. The band reformed in 2005 to release two additional albums by 2007. "We Will Together" made it to #7 on the Australian charts the B-side was a live track recorded at the Hordern Pavillion and taken from the video Eurogliders Live In Concert.

Johnny Diesel And The Injectors - Don't Need Love

Don't Need Love/Never Last

The single was released in 1988 it came in a limited edition cover and both sides were on the "Johnny Diesel & The Injectors" album. Don't Need Love made it to #10 on the charts and stayed in the charts for 24 weeks not a bad run.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Various - Hair Vol. 2

Aquarius/Manchester England/Don't Put It Down/ Walking In Space/Be In/Good Morning Starshine/3500/What A Piece Of Work Is Man/Abie Baby/Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)/ Hair

I think everybody knows what hair the musical is so I won't go into that. If you want the serious Australian cast version you can get that at Midoztouch. This album is a budget priced album that was obviously put together to cash in on the musical Hair and has the usual cast of unknowns but not quite, there are 3 principal singers 2 gals Janie Day and Susan Casey of whom I know nothing (anybody?) and the guy none other than Johnny Devlin probably short on cash. Some of the songs are quite good in a Budget sort of way they don't quite have polish of the original but I still found it an interesting listen.
I did a bit of searching to get some info on the musicians pretty hard to come by but did find out that Philip Eizenberg was a member of the Ferrets and Southern Comfort with Bobbi Marchini, Mike Bukovsky was in Marcia Hines Band during the Seventies and Ivan Sultanoff name pops up here and there he was involved with 2006 Commonwealth games opening and appears on the the Nick Cave movie sountrack "To Have And To Hold" the others not really any mention that I could be sure was them, there's a full list of those involved on the back scan. The songs they seem to have changed around to suit themselves one example is the song Three-Five-Zero-Zero which has turned into a fairly long jazz jam but probably one of the best things on this album anyway give it a listen tell me what you think.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter

Tucker's Daughter/Islands

After the breakup of Cold Chisel in 1983 Ian Moss layed low for several years before launching a solo career in 1988. His first single, "Tucker's Daughter", co-written with Don Walker, was released on Mushroom Records in March 1989 and was a No. 1 hit. Another Walker composition, "Telephone Booth", also went Top 10. Matchbook, released in August, reached number one on the album charts, remaining at the peak spot for three weeks. Two further singles, "Out of the Fire" and "Mr. Rain" were also minor hits and at the ARIA Awards early the following year Moss won five awards including Best Male Artist and Album of the Year. The B-Side to the single "Islands" is a n0n-album track and a very nice instrumental at that.

"Tucker's Daughter" was the first single from former Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss. Co-written by Moss and his Cold Chisel bandmate Don Walker, the song reached No. 1 on the Australian singles chart on 20 March, 1989. "Tucker's Daughter" became the first track on Moss's album Matchbook, released six months later. The album also went to No. 1. Together, this song and the album helped Moss win five ARIA Awards.

"Tucker's Daughter" tells of a labourer who finds himself the attention of his employer's daughter, but instead of returning her affections like the character from the Roy Orbison song "Working for the Man", he decides to "not live under Tucker's thumb" and remain his own man.

Friday, 5 November 2010

James Freud - Breaking Silence

Modern Girl/The Television's Hungry/The Saviours/Enemy Lines/Butane Babies/Star To Star/19 Again/No More Telephone/Mean Modulator/Blue Moon

James Randall Freud (born Colin Joseph McGlinchey, 29 June 1959 – 4 November 2010) was an Australian rock musician-songwriter. He was a member of Models during the 1980s and wrote their two most popular singles, "Barbados" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight".

His autobiographies I Am the Voice Left from Drinking (2002) and I Am the Voice Left from Rehab (2007) detail his career in music entertainment and addictions. On 27 October 2010, Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame by former member Wendy Matthews, Freud's absence from the ceremony was explained as being due to "another bicycle accident". Freud committed suicide on 4 November and is survived by his wife, Sally, and two sons, Jackson and Harrison. It's bad enough that we have lost so many legends lately and every other day there is some news of another with some life threatening disease and now this tragic news RIP James.

Here's James's 1980 album "Breaking Silence" You might like to have a listen and remember James.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Karen Knowles - Wish I Was Loving You

Why Won't You Explain/You Are The Reason/When A Child Is Born/Oh My Papa/Hold Me/La Vie En Rose/Vincent/Love Us All/Amazing Grace/Wish I as Loving You/Let It Be Me/Just For That/What's Another Year/I Never Said I Love You/Pretend/The Rose/The Heart Of Me/All The Tea In China

Karen Knowles' extensive and successful career as a performer, producer and director of her own entertainment company now spans over twenty-five years.Her performance career began with the award winning television program Young Talent Time where she quickly achieved national recognition and acclaim for her weekly appearances and regular request segments. She soon caught the eye and ear of Ron Tudor, a great pioneer in the Australian record industry, who signed her to his Fable label in 1980.
Success was swift - Karen soon made history by becoming the first Australian schoolgirl to receive a Gold record with her first Top Ten hit single Why Won’t You Explain. The following album You Are The Reason reached Platinum status, making her the highest selling female artist in Australia for two consecutive years. She then released her second record Loves Us All which achieved gold status, the Top 30 single You Don’t Know Love and The Third Time album.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Original Australian Cast Recording - They're Playing Our Song

They're Playing Our Song is a musical with a book by Neil Simon, lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager, and music by Marvin Hamlisch.
In a story based on the real-life relationship of Hamlisch and Sager, a wisecracking composer finds a new, offbeat lyricist, but initially the match is not one made in heaven. The two undergo a series of trials and overcome a number of hurdles before finding true love by the final curtain.
They're Playing Our Song is essentially a two-character show. Vernon and Sonia are the sole characters on stage; each character has a three-person Greek chorus acting as their inner voices, and there are no big production numbers.
The original Australian production opened on August 23, 1980 at the Theatre Royal in Sydney. It starred John Waters and Jacki Weaver, with Rhonda Burchmore as one of the "Inner Voices." An Australian Cast Recording was released by Festival Records.
Act I
Top pop music composer Vernon Gersch, hoping to find a new collaborator, meets offbeat Sonia Walsk, who has already had some success writing lyrics and is in awe of his accomplishments, at his luxury Manhattan apartment. She is surprised that his Oscar is so light, and Vernon quips, "They're chocolate inside." He is aloof and focused, while she is disorganized and distracted, but Vernon has already written music to one of Sonia's lyrics, and they decide to forge ahead. Sonia, frazzled by her break up with lover Leon, arrives a day late for their first work session. When they begin, she tells Vernon they should get to know each other on a personal level in order for their work to gel, and they decide to have dinner at "Le Club."
Sonia, who has been trying to ease Leon's anguish, is late yet again, and the evening begins badly. She and Vernon argue, then dance in an effort to calm down. The two settle down to enjoy the evening, and they hear their own songs being played over the sound system. Another work session, in which the two really don't listen to each other, follows, but Vernon convinces Sonia to join him for a romantic weekend at a Long Island beach house. The trip to the island in Vernon's small sports car is fraught with engine trouble, calls to Leon, and arguments. They finally arrive at the house, but a phone call from Leon threatens the romantic mood. Determined to concentrate on Vernon, Sonia tells Leon that she can't help him and hangs up.
Act II
It's a week later and Vernon is suffering from insomnia. Sonia manipulates her way into his apartment by telling him she has no place to stay since Leon is back living at her place. Sonia and Vernon's romance and collaboration seems successful for a while, but the relationship begins to crumble because of her inability to send her ex-boyfriend away. Also, away from his piano, Vernon is a bundle of neuroses and unable to express his deepest feelings. After some psychologizing about the difficulties of living and working together, the pair split up at a recording session.
A few months later, while Vernon is in a Los Angeles hospital, Sonia arrives unexpectedly with a tiny red child's piano as a get-well gift. Months later, both have separately come to the realization that, despite their differences, they are better together. Vernon arrives at Sonia's apartment in New York to tell her that he wants to try again. She agrees, and they reconcile with a kiss.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Jeff St. John - Rock'n' Roll Man

Rock 'n' Roll Man/Dream Merchants

Jeff St John (born Jeffrey Newton in Sydney, 1946) fronted a number bands during the 60s and 70s, including The Id ,Copperwine and Yama. The Id and Copperwine achieved national success, both live and with Top Ten hit singles. (Big Time Operator - The Id), (Teach Me How To Fly - Copperwine).
Jeff was the first Oz artist to sign with US imprint Asylum (whose listing included The Eagles, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt) and he released a clutch of impressive singles for the label, capped by his welcome return to the national Top 10 during early 1977 with his scorching version of the Frankie Miller-Andy Fraser track "Fool In Love", and this post "Rock 'n' Roll Man" which didn't chart and taken from the album "So Far So Good" backed by the non album track Dream Merchants.

Read more about Jeff here

Friday, 29 October 2010

Normie Rowe - It Ain't Necessarily So, But It Is

Let Me Tell You/That's Why I Cry/Everything's Alright/I Just Don't Understand/Shakin' All Over/Lindy Lou/She Used To Be Mine/I Confess/I (Who Have Nothing)/It Ain't Neccessarily So/Gonna Leave This Town

The very first Normie Rowe album released in 1965 went gold at the time couldn't put a foot wrong.

This Album is now available in CD format from

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jon English - Hot Town

Hot Town/ Show No Weakness

1979 was a good year for Jon English he won the TV Week Logie Award for 'Best New Talent in Australia' for his acting performance in Against the Wind, the program won two other Logie Awards.He also won the 'Most Popular Male Performer' award at the 1979 TV Week / Countdown Music Awards. He released his first compilation album English History in August, which peaked at #4 on the National albums charts and he had singles success with "Get Your Love Right", which peaked at #27 and "Hot Town", which peaked at #11.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Saints - The Music Goes Round My Head

The Music Goes Round My Head/Tomorrow

Released by the Saints in 1988 The Music Goes Round My Head is an Easybeats cover. The single was taken from their Prodigal Son album and included on the Young Einstein soundtrack. The track made it to #39 on the Australian charts and it also made it to #19 on the US Modern Rock charts.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Craig McLachlan and Check 1,2 - Amanda 12 Inch

Amanda/Baby Loves Funky/Need Your Love

Craig McLachlan first appeared on television in a guest role on the soap Sons and Daughters in late 1986. He then became very well known in 1987 when he landed the role of Henry Ramsay, brother of Kylie Minogue's character Charlene, in Neighbours. Two years later, he defected to rival show Home and Away, playing schoolteacher Grant Mitchell.
McLachlan has also had success as a singer, capitalising on his popularity in Neighbours to score Australian and UK hit singles with pop tunes such as his remake of the Bo Diddley song "Mona" (AUS#3 / UK#2, 1990), "Amanda" (AUS#23 / UK#19, 1990), and "On My Own" (AUS#23, 1991).
In 1993 he starred as Danny Zuko in the popular West End revival of the musical Grease alongside Deborah Gibson. Also in that year he married Australian actress Rachel Friend whom he met on the set of Neighbours. They divorced in 1994. Their characters Bronwyn and Henry had also earlier married in Neighbours.
In 1995 McLachlan appeared in the popular British television series Bugs. He played the role of a free-lance agent and electronics expert, who along with his colleagues worked covertly to combat terrorist threats. McLachlan left the show at the end of the third series due to a disagreement with the show's producers and director.
In 1995 he appeared in Catherine the Great alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jeanne Moreau and Omar Sharif.
In 2001, Craig had a breakthrough with the American movie Superfire, where he played a fireman who died at the end of the movie. In 2004, Craig got a recurring role as Kane Morgan in the popular show McLeod's Daughters, but left the show at the fourth season.
In 2005 he starred as Jeff Kennard in the Australian film Hating Alison Ashley, with fellow Neighbours star Delta Goodrem and McLeod's Daughters co-star Rachael Carpani. In 2006, he appeared in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as a stand-up comedian.

Monday, 11 October 2010

INXS - Need You Tonight (12inch)

Need You Tonight-Mediate/I'm Coming(Home)

INXS are an Australian rock band, formed as The Farriss Brothers in 1977 in Sydney, New South Wales. Mainstays are Garry Gary Beers on bass guitar, Andrew Farriss on keyboards, Jon Farriss on drums, Tim Farriss on lead guitar and Kirk Pengilly on guitar/sax. For twenty years, they were fronted by Michael Hutchence on lead vocals, whose "sultry good looks" and magnetic stage presence made him the focal point of the band. Initially known for their New Wave/ska/pop style, they later developed a harder pub rock style, including funk and dance elements.

INXS achieved international success with a series of hit recordings through the 1980s and 1990s, including the albums Listen Like Thieves, Kick, X and Welcome to Wherever You Are and the singles "Original Sin", "Need You Tonight", "Devil Inside" and "New Sensation".

INXS has won six Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards including three for 'Best Group' in 1987, 1989 and 1992, and was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001. To date INXS have sold more than 30 million records.

Inxs performed live a week ago at the AFL grand final with J.D. Fotrune out front they looked pretty good together maybe a new album in the future hope it works out for them may have been a one of but I hope not.

The B-side "I'm Coming Home" is a non album track which also appears on the 7" single .

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Australian TV's Greatest Hits

I just couldn't be bothered typing out the 59 tracks on this post so I've added the back cover to the post so anyone needing to know what is on this album can have a look, any way here's an album with 59 themes of the best and worst of Australia TV, might bring back some memories it did for me and some I've never heard of must have aired in Melbourne or the ABC . An educated guess would put this as released in 1988 there was a UK release of the album in that year and as one of the tracks is the theme to Neighbours which started in 1985 the date would seem to right.

Hold it stop the presses "thesoundandthefury" has pointed out to me that the date is on the back cover need to get my magnifier out LOL.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Collett - Raze The Roof

Sydney-based singer Collette Roberts first came to the nation's attention when she signed to CBS and issued a cover of Anita Ward's 1979 disco hit `Ring My Bell'/`Save Yourself' as her debut single. `Ring My Bell' reached #3 on the national charts in May 1989. Collette followed this up with two further hits, `All I Wanna Do Is Dance'/`Push' (#12 in August) and `That's what I Like About You'/`Hothouse' (#35 in December).

DJ Stephen `Pee Wee' Ferris (ex-Flotsam Jetsam) produced Collette's debut album Raze the Roof. In 1990, Collette returned to the studio with producer Mark S. Berry for her second album, Attitude, which produced the singles `Who do You Think You Are?' (#71 in October), `Upside Down' and a cover of Natalie Cole's `This Will Be' (1991). `Who do You Think You Are?' featured New Jack Swing beat stylings (a mix of funk, soul and hip hop) and its lyrics were aimed at Collette's critics.

Early in her career, Collette performed in bright fluorescent lycra clothing, especially bike shorts, bras, and braces. In 1990 she appeared with a new image of short hair and black clothing in an attempt to cast aside the bike shorts image and for her music to be taken more seriously. Collette appeared briefly as 'Ysabel' on Home and Away in early 1991. After her second album, Attitude (1991) and its singles yielded little commercial success, she retired from the music industry and pursued a career as a stylist and make-up artist. She appeared on Channel 7's Where Are They Now? in 2006, revealing that she does some volunteer work at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

From MySpace:
Model-turned-pop-singer Collette became an Australian icon when she unleashed the gold-selling Top 5 single Ring My Bell, an Anita Ward cover, in 1989.

The infectious track caught on quickly and Collette became just as well known for her bright, fluorescent lycra clothing as her music, starting a trend of bike shorts, bras, and braces nation-wide!

Though sometimes touted as a one-hit-wonder, Collette in actuality had a handful of successful follow-ups. Ring My Bell was followed by the dancefloor hit All I Wanna Do Is Dance which reached No 12 on the Australian singles chart and further cemented Collette into Australian pop-culture with it's cheeky video. This video depicts three distinct segments in which Collette dances in fluoro vinyl against a cartoon backdrop, dances in leopard print against a space-age backdrop and finally, in her trademark lycra, dancing in a fountain and teaching the moves to random bystanders at Harbourside in Sydney.

That's What I Like About You followed on, as did Collette's debut album Raze The Roof of which she co-wrote most of the tracks.

Fans flocked to join the Collette fan-club and receive regular newsletter updates from the beautiful singer and to learn what she was like outside of the spotlight.

In 1990, Collette ditched her colourful, disposable-pop image and returned with a new look (short hair, black leather) and the first single from her second album, Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? provided a more "grown-up" sound and was followed by the singles Upside Down and This Will Be (Everlasting Love) and the album Attitude - showing a more serious side to the young singer.

In 1991, Collette appeared briefly as a character on Australian soap Home and Away named Ysabel - police constable Nick's girlfriend.

After the release of her second album, Collette eventually retired from the music industry and, after a hiatus overseas, pursued a successful career as a stylist and make-up artist. Collette also made a return to the world of modelling and continues to model in successful campaigns.

These days, Collette can also be found showing her love of animals as a volunteer at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo.

Collette has recently made appearances on Where Are They Now? and What A Year! specials in addition to performing for hundreds of screaming fans at ARQ's Retrosexual night in June 2005 and at Mardi Gras Party 2007 - proving that Collette's fans are just as passionate about her as ever and that her music still makes people want to dance!

Read more:

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kevin Johnson - Bonnie Please Don't Go

Bonnie Please Don't Go/Takin' The Long Road Home

Kevin Stephen Johnson (born 1943, Rockhampton, Queensland) is an Australian singer-songwriter, most active in the 1970s, and is best known for his 1973 song "Rock and Roll I Gave You the Best Years of My Life", which peaked at #4 on the Australian singles charts. In Australia, Johnson had a top 20 hit with "Bonnie Please Don't Go" (aka "She's Leavin'") #15 in 1971.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Glenn Shorrok - Dream Lover

Dream Lover/Spin Me Around

Glenn Barrie Shorrock (born 30 June 1944) is an English-born Australian singer-songwriter. He was a founding member of pop groups The Twilights, Axiom and Little River Band as well as being a solo performer.

The Twilights had eight consecutive national hit singles including "Needle in a Haystack" and "What's Wrong with the Way I Live". Axiom's top 10 hits were "Arkansas Grass", "Little Ray of Sunshine" and "My Baby's Gone". Little River Band had national and international chart success, including the Shorrock-penned "Emma", "Help Is on Its Way" and "Cool Change".

Shorrock was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1991 and as a member of Little River Band in 2004. In May 2001 the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, named "Cool Change" as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time.

While still a member of Little River Band, Shorrock released a solo single, a cover of Bobby Darin's 1959 hit "Dream Lover" in April 1979 on EMI, which peaked at No. 8 on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart. In February 1982.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Kylie Minogue - Locomotion

Locomotion/Glad To Be Alive

"Locomotion", Kylie's first single release, spent seven weeks at number one on the Australian singles chart, and was the highest selling single in the country for the 1980s. This version of "Locomotion" is often aired on VH-1 Europe, so in the 1990s and 2000s it became more popular than the UK/Europe SAW version, released there.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Dragon - Celebration

Celebration/Blue Blue Is The Radio

Dragon were one of the great bands of the Seventies originally from New Zealand where they had released 2 albums but were virtually unknown here. The group had moved to Australia to try their luck and after the huge success of the 1977 single April Sun In Cuba #2 we claimed them as our own. Celebration was released in 1987 and climbed to #11 on the charts the song was lifted from the album Bondi Road #18. The B-Side was a non album track but has since been released as a track on the Tales From The Darkside compilation.

Wa Wa Nee - One And One (Ain't Good Enough)

One An One (Ain't I Good Enough)/Rubber Cookie/Mind Over Matter/Playtime

Led by the songwriting team of Paul Gray and Steve Williams, the band signed with CBS Records in 1985. Wa Wa Nee had four singles in the Australian top 40 from their debut album release of the same name. They included "Stimulation" which reached number 2 nationally in Australia in 1986, "I Could Make You Love Me", reaching the Top 5 in the same year, and both "One And One (Ain't I Good Enough)" and "Sugar Free" making the Top 20. "Sugar Free" also reached the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 top 40. This, however would be their only success in America; "Stimulation" was released as the followup single, but only reached #86, culminating their chart career there.

The band's self titled debut album went platinum in Australia despite only reaching #29 on the charts.

Their follow-up LP, Blush was released in late 1989, and spawned two more Top 100 hits in Australia - "Can't Control Myself", and the religiously motivated "So Good" (even though the music video bordered on the pornographic). The album however, received a luke-warm response, and the band has not charted in Australia since. This post "One And One (Ain't I Good Enough)" made it to #19 in 1987 .

Monday, 16 August 2010

Johnny Chester - Love In The Meantime

Love In The Meantime/Aint Nothing New/FreedomTo Stay/Goodbye Forever Again/I Find I'm Thinking 'bout You Again/You Bring Out The Devil In Me/Living The Words Of His Song/Rough Around The Edges/Falling Together/Three's A Crowd

Johnny Chester With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
His singing career started in 1959 when at the age of seventeen he began running a dance in the St Cecilia's Church Hall in Melbourne's suburban West Preston. With his mum selling tickets, his dad on the door and great support from the teenagers in the area the local dance soon grew too large for the venue and so was moved in late 1960 to the much larger Preston town hall.
Here with the enormous support of legendary radio disc jockey Stan 'The Man' Rofe the dance became the most successful of its time and Johnny soon came to the attention of W&G Records. This was all during the time in Melbourne when rock'n'roll was king.
During the 60s, whilst establishing himself as a recording artist and songwriter, he hosted two national television series for the ABC. He toured with a host of overseas stars including the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Dion and the Everly Brothers and worked as associate producer of the national 'Kommotion' Televison show and a disc jockey on Melbourne's number one radio station 3UZ as well as doing an entertainment tour of duty for the Australian and American forces in Vietnam.
During the 70s we saw a major musical transition take place as Johnny Chester moved via a varied but well charted course in to Country Music. Winning along the way three consecutive Golden Guitars at the Australasian Country Music Awards for Male Vocalist of the Year and many other accolades as well both here and overseas. He continued to tour with his own show and with international acts like Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Roger Miller, Charlie Pride and Freddy Fender. He also hosted two more national television series for the ABC. From 1989 to 1991 he hosted several weekly radio programs including his 'Soundabout Club' and his 'World of Country Music' for Radio Australia, our international broadcaster.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Don Lane - Strictly For The Birds Art

I was looking through one of my local Op shops last week when I found this one and I thought great another Don Lane album to add to the collection but when I got it home and had a look at it noticed some songs looked familiar and sure enough exactly the same album as the previously posted self titled 1968 release but different packaging. This would be the original as the 1968 version is a Music For Pleasure release this is the second time I've come across this as another Don Lane post turned out to be the same as one that Ozzie Music Man had posted but his did differ slightly as it had a couple of bonus tracks I wonder if this has happened with other Don Lane albums. As I have already posted the music in the other post I thought I would at least post the artwork for those interested.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Young Talent Time - Young Talent Time

This is the first Young Talent Time Album in all there were 16 albums released, this is the second one that I have posted here on Music That Made Australia What It Is Today and I have a few more that I will post in the future.

Friday, 30 July 2010

INXS and Jimmy Barnes - Good Times

Good Times/Laying Down The Law

In 1986, Jimmy Barnes recorded two songs with INXS, an Easybeats cover "Good Times" and "Laying Down The Law", which he co-wrote with INXS members Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence. "Good Times" was used as the theme song for the Australian Made series of concerts that toured the country in the summer of 1986-87. Australian Made was the largest touring festival of Australian music talent that had ever been attempted to that point. Barnes and INXS headlined and the rest of the line-up featured Mental as Anything, Divinyls, Models, The Saints, I'm Talking and The Triffids. The shows began in Hobart, Tasmania on 26 December and concluded in Sydney on Australia Day, 26 January 1987. A concert film of this event was made by Richard Lowenstein and released later that year. "Good Times" peaked at No. 2 on the Australian chart and several months later was featured in the Joel Schumacher film The Lost Boys, allowing it to chart Top 40 in the US.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mike McClellan - Laughing In The Dark FLAC

Good Companions/Rock'n'Roll Man/Lovers And Strangers/Laughing In The Dark/The One I Love/Burning Your Bridges/Hold Tight/I Got Over You ( A Long Time Ago)/Sad Songs/All I've Got Is Love

Mike McClellan is an Australian singer sogwriter and was born in Melbourne, Victoria on August 24th, 1945. In 1974 Mike McClellan signed with EMI and made his first gold album, "Ask Any Dancer" ''Song and Dance Man', a single cut from it, also carried off a gold, and the music business industry voted it 'song of the year'. He made two more albums with EMI, 'Until the Song is Done' in 1976 and, 'An Evening with Mike McClellan - Live' in 1977. For his next album, his second 'gold' - 'Laughing in the Dark' he parted company with EMI and released it through Albert Productions in 1980. The album was produced by George Young and Harry Vanda (who made their name as members of the Easybeats) along with Mike. Some of the notable musicians on the album are tommy Emmanuel and Kirk L'Orange guitars Warren Morgan piano. This album has my favourite Mike McClelland song "The One I Love".

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Angry Anderson - Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory (Angry Anderson)/Determination (Tommy Emmanuel)

These 2 songs featured on the charity album "Aussie Gold" an album put out to help raise money for the para-olympics in 1992. Bound For Glory was on Angry's "Blood From Stone" album and originally a hit for Angry in 1990 while "Determination" was taken from Tommy's 1992 album of the same name.

Friday, 16 July 2010

GANGgajang- Sounds Of Then

Sounds Of Then/House Of Cards (Live)

Ganggajang (styled as GANGgajang) are an Australian rock band who formed in 1984. The three principal figures in the original lineup were former Riptides frontman Mark "Cal" Callaghan and two former members of popular Australian hard rock band The Angels, bassist Chris Bailey and drummer Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup."Sounds of Then" aka "This is Australia" is a 1985 song by Australian band Ganggajang from their self-titled debut album, Ganggajang. "Sounds of Then" was written by frontman Mark "Cal" Callaghan. Whilst the 1985 release of "Sounds of Then" was not an initial commercial success, it has become the band's most popular and recognisable song and reached its peak when it was used as Nine Network's station ID promotion in 1996. The B-Side, "House of Cards", was recorded live for 2JJJ.

Wallis and Matilda - Clancy Of The Overflow

Clancy Of The Overflow/Solar

For nearly 30 years Wallis and Matilda have moved the emotions of Australians of all ages with their inspired musical interpretations of the works of A.B. (Banjo) Paterson.

Beginning with the all time Classic, Clancy of the Overflow, and moving on to a stunning rendition of The Man from Snowy River and other famous works this band has carved itself an important niche in the history of Australian music. The release of Clancy of the Overflow in 1980 led to a flood of correspondence from grateful Australians -- retired drovers, school teachers, cattlemen, teenagers, disc jockeys and ordinary suburban Aussies. Such was the stunning popularity of their debut album, Pioneers, that Wallis and Matilda have headlined the Australia Day Concert at Tamworth four times, most importantly in Australia's Bicentennial year, 1988. They have also performed many concerts in their own right throughout Australia.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Kerri-Anne Kennerley - Kerri-Anne

Kerri-Anne Kennerley, known by her initals as KAK, has rarely been out of the public eye since her first television appearance in 1967 at the age of 13 on the children's shows The Channel Niners and Everybody's In on Brisbane's QTQ 9. Her audience stayed with her when she crossed to The Saturday Show on Network Ten, and when she tackled the New York cabaret circuit as a 19 year old singer.

Upon her return to Australia in 1981 after a five year stint in the US, Kennerley met her future husband. In that year she landed her first adult role on Australian TV, as the dowdy Melinda Burgess in TV series The Restless Years, a teen-oriented soap opera. She hosted the daytime TV program Good Morning Australia a role she held for 11 years. During the 1980s Kennerley also performed as a singer, and released a self-titled album (Kerri-Anne) as well as a Christmas album in 1985. Her cabaret singing style was parodied by singer and comedian Gina Riley on the TV comedy show Fast Forward. She also appeared on the television show and later record album Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge with a rendition of the AC/DC song Dirty Deeds.

From 1996 until 1998, she was the compere of the daytime-variety TV show Midday. Her hosting duties on the show earnt her three Gold Logie nominations. Once Midday finished in late 1998, she joined the What's Cooking program in 1999. This role, however, (and the program itself) only lasted a few months. Both 'Midday' and 'Whats Cooking' aired on the Nine Network.

In 2001, she shifted to Channel Ten to host Greed. It was a flop and lasted a handful of episodes.

In 2003 Kennerley returned to the Nine Network where she has hosted Kerri-Anne (formally titled 'Mornings with Kerri-Anne') ever since. She has garnered considerable media attention from the program's dance instruction segments featuring prominent Australian politicians – Peter Costello and the macarena, Cheryl Kernot and the Cha-cha-cha and Kevin Rudd and the rumba. Her more memorable interviewees included the normally reticent Priscilla Presley who discussed her ex-husband Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie. American TV actor John Stamos who appeared on her show in June 2007 was arguably her most challenging interview. Two years later Stamos conceded he was drunk, which confirmed media speculation raised at the time. Kennerley also persuaded Russell Crowe to hurl himself against a wall on her show.

By one account Kennerley's annual salary for 2009 was A$500,000, and she was allegedly offered a reduced amount when her contract came up for renegotiation in October, 2009. She is one of several of Nine Network's stable of stars whose contracts are being cut in an attempt to rein in operating costs at the network.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rose Tattoo - Rock And Roll Is King

Rock And Roll Is King/I Had You First

Rock And Roll Is King is taken from the 1981 album Assault and Battery the band at this time were Angry Anderson - Lead vocals, Peter Wells - Slide guitar & vocals, Mick Cocks - Lead & rhythm guitar, Geordie Leach - Bass and Dallas "Digger" Royall - Drums, it made #60 on the charts and the B-Side is a non album tune.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Peter Allen - I Could Have Been A Sailor

I Could Have Been A Sailor/Don't Wish To Hard/Two Boys/Angels With Dirty Faces/Don't Cry Out Loud/If You Were Wondering/Don't Leave Me Now/I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love/We've Come To An Understanding/Paris At 21

Peter Allen (10 February 1944 – 18 June 1992) was an Australian songwriter and entertainer. His songs were made popular by many recording artists, including Melissa Manchester and Olivia Newton-John, Elkie Brooks, and one, Arthur's Theme, won the Academy Award. In addition to recording many albums, he enjoyed a cabaret and concert career, including appearing at Radio City Music Hall riding a camel. He married Liza Minnelli but this ended in divorce .He was born Peter Richard Woolnough in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia. Allen began his performing career with Chris Bell as one of the "Allen Brothers", who were a popular cabaret and television act in the early 1960s in Australia.

Allen commenced releasing solo recordings in 1971, but throughout his career achieved greater success through his songs being recorded by others. He wrote "Don't Cry Out Loud," recorded by Melissa Manchester, and "I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love," recorded by Rita Coolidge. One of his signature songs, "I Go to Rio," was a moderate hit in America for the group Pablo Cruise. Allen scored his biggest success with the song "I Honestly Love You," which he co-wrote with Jeff Barry and which became a major hit in 1974 for Olivia Newton-John. Her single reached number one in the United States and in Canada and won two Grammy Awards, for Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Newton-John.

In 1976, Allen released an album Taught By Experts, which reached number one in Australia, along with the number one singles "I Go To Rio" and "The More I See You". Although his recording career in the U.S. never progressed, he performed in Atlantic City and Carnegie Hall. He had three extended sold out engagements at New York City's Radio City Music Hall, where he became the first male dancer to dance with the Rockettes and rode a camel during "I Go to Rio."

His most successful album was Bi-Coastal, (1980) produced by David Foster and featuring the top hit "Fly Away," which, in 1981, became his only U.S. chart single, reaching #55 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He co-wrote the song "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" with Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, and Christopher Cross, for Minnelli's 1981 movie Arthur. The song reached number one in the U.S., and the songwriters won an Academy Award for Best Song. He actually wrote one line for the whole song: "When you get caught between the moon and New York City" from an earlier song that he and Bayer Sager co-wrote. He and Bayer Sager also co-wrote "You and Me (We Wanted It All)" which was recorded by Frank Sinatra. A video of Sinatra singing the song at Carnegie Hall was included as part of the Sinatra: New York cd/dvd package, released in late 2009.

Allen performed on Australian Television at many important occasions: in front of Queen Elizabeth II in 1980 at the Sydney Opera House, before Prince Charles and Princess Diana, once in Melbourne and again in Sydney, at the opening of the Sydney Entertainment Centre, where he unveiled for the first time his Australia "Flag" shirt, and the 1980 Australian Rules Grand Final in Melbourne. His "Up In One Concert" of 1980 was a huge ratings success across the country. When Australia won The America's Cup, he flew to Perth to sing before an audience of 100,000. In 1988 he opened for Frank Sinatra at Sanctuary Cove, Queensland. In America he appeared at the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland. He returned to recording on Arista with an album entitled "Not the Boy Next Door" (1983).

In 1990 he recorded his final album on RCA, Making Every Moment Count, which featured Melissa Manchester and Harry Connick Jr. One of his songs, I Still Call Australia Home, became popular through its use in television commercials, initially for National Panasonic, and then after 1988 for Qantas Airlines.This has since become an unofficial anthem for Australians abroad.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Warren Williams - Just Like A Child

Just Like A Child/Where My Baby Goes (She Goes With Me)

Born in Sydney on April the 5th, 1940. The fourth son of five sons to Helena and John Williams he grew up in Matraville in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. His mother Helena was a well known classical piano and music teacher and from a young age taught all of her sons to sing.
From the age of four Warren competed in the Sydney Eisteddfod and won many gold medals as a boy Soprano. During his high school years at Randwick Boys High School he was the lead vocalist in many school musicals. It was then that Warren decided that he wanted to pursue a career as an Opera singer. This ambition was soon to change when in 1956 as a 16 year old, Warren went to see the movie “Blackboard Jungle” which featured the song “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets. From that moment on he decided that he wanted to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll singer. He immediately bought himself a guitar and with a group of friends formed his first band called “The Squares”. They began to play at local youth halls and got their first regular dance at the Mascot Masonic Hall. Here hundreds of teenagers would come to watch The Squares play every Friday night. It was at this time that Rock ‘n’ Roll exploded into the Australia and dancing had become a favourite pastime for local teenagers.
In June of 1957 his solo career was launched when the King of Australian Rock 'n' Roll, Johnny O’Keefe came to Mascot to see him perform. O’Keefe was so impressed by what he saw that he offered the Warren an appearance on his television show “Six O’clock Rock”. On July 4 this performance made the young singer an immediate success. He was soon offered a recording contract with Australia’s leading record company Festival Records, and under the guidance of O’Keefe recorded his first hit record, the self-written “Where My Baby Goes” which shot to the top of the charts in late October 1957. O’Keefe soon discovered Warren’s classical training and came up with the concept for him to record famous classical songs in a pop style. A string of hits followed including “A Star Fell from Heaven” and “Girls Where Made to Love and Kiss”, both of which became top ten hits in the national charts. He followed these records with another self written song called “Just like a Child”. Throughout the late 1950’s and early 1960’s he toured the country with some of America’s biggest recording stars of the time including Little Richard, Fabian, and Jerry Lee Lewis. He appeared regularly at the Sydney Stadium and featured in a huge concert to 100,000 people and Sydney’s Hyde Park. During the 1960’s he was a regular on national television shows including Australia’s most popular show of the time “Bandstand”.
Throughout his life Warren has continued to perform in the music industry and and has donated his services to numerous charity events.
In 1985 he was rewarded with the release of an Album of his recordings to commemorate his work with Festival Records as a part of a collection known as “The Festival Files”. Then in 1995 he was honoured with a special display celebrating his contribution to Australian music at the Power House Museum in Sydney. He has also been nominated for seven Australian entertainment industry “Mo Awards”. Today Warren Williams continues to perform and is recognised for his life long achievements in music.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Judy Stone - Favourites

We Two Will Love/Mare Mare Mare/ I Am Only A Woman/ Where Are The Clowns/ Take Me Home Country Roads/ Day By Day/Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone/The Traveller/Everybody's Reachin' Out For Someone/Until It's Time For You To Go/Welcome Home

Not necessarily a Best Of more as the title suggests her favourites released in 1975, the majority of these tunes are from her two albums "Pure Stone" 1971 and "In A Field Of Stone" 1974 but there are two tracks on here not on those albums "We Two Will Love" and "Where Are The Clowns" these were singles released in 1975.

Young Talent Time - The Young Talent Team

Young Talent Time was an Australian television variety program screened on Network Ten, running from 1971 until 1988. The series featured a core group of young performers and a weekly junior talent quest. The Young Talent Team regularly performed popular classics along with the top hit songs of the day. The program was the creation of host Johnny Young and launched the careers of a number of Australian performers including Tina Arena and Dannii Minogue.
Young Talent Time was produced by Lewis-Young Productions (the production partnership between host Johnny Young and his friend and colleague Kevin Lewis) and was taped mainly at the studios of ATV-10 in Nunawading, Melbourne although occasional shows were taped at the TEN-10 studios in Sydney or on location. One memorable aspect of the show was the regular closing number, where Johnny Young would croon the Beatles' song "All My Loving" (with which he had an Australian hit in the 1960s), accompanied by the entire cast, in an almost lullaby style, individually wishing all of the cast good night.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Liv Maessen - Snow Bird

Snow Bird/Are You Going My Way

Melbourne singer Liv Maessen started her career in 1969 when she appeared on the popular TV talent quest New Faces where she took out second place in the series final, for which she won a recording contract with Ron Tudor's independent production company June Productions. Her first single was "The Love Moth". Released on the Polydor label in Dec. 1969, it scraped into the bottom end of the national Top 40 in April 1970, peaking at #39. Liv's second single, issued in April 1970, was a cover version of Mary Hopkin's Eurovision entry and UK hit "Knock, Knock, Who's There?". Liv's version quickly shot to the top of the Aussie charts. It became her most successful recording and one of the biggest Australian singles of the year -- it peaked at #2 nationally in June, stayed on the chart for an extraordinary 23 weeks and earned Liv the unique distinction of being the first Australian female singer ever to be awarded a Gold Record, for sales of over 50,000 copies. For her third single Liv recorded a fine rendition of Anne Murray's US hit "Snowbird" (Aug. 1970). It made the national Top 20, but this proved to be her last chart hit.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mondo Rock - State Of The Heart

State Of The Heart/Mona Lisa (She Smiles)

Mondo Rock are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia, most prominent in the early 1980s. The band was formed in late 1976 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Ross Wilson. Mondo Rock rapidly became one of the most successful Australian chart acts of the period, scoring four consecutive Top 5 albums and a string of Top 40 singles—including three Top 10 hits—between 1980 and 1985. Mondo Rock's first major hit, "State of the Heart" (Oct. 1980), peaked at #6 on the national chart the B-Side "Mona Lisa (She Smiles) is a non album track.

Lucky Star - Blow Up Your TV

Blow Up Your TV/Give Me Wheels

Leslie Morrison (born 29 December 1940), better known by his stage name Lucky Starr, is an Australian singer. He released the tongue-twisting, "I've Been Everywhere" as a single in 1962, written by singer-songwriter Geoff Mack, which name drops numerous Australian towns. He began his rock 'n' roll career in 1957 as lead singer of The Hepparays. He was a regular on Bandstand and Six O'Clock Rock, and took over from Johnny O'Keefe as host of the latter for a season in 1960.

This single was released in 1973 and was produced by Digby Richards who also penned the B-Side. Lucky started out as a Rock 'n' Roller but these days sings Country a genre which many of his contempories have turned to.

Digby and Lucky

Sunday, 30 May 2010

David McKay - Bless This House

Young David McKay made a big impression when he appeared on Opportunity Knocks a 1 hour national talent show. I can vaugely remember this, he must have made an impression to have been able to go on and be allowed to record an album.

The album features David's soprano and accompanied by either organ or piano and he covers some dreary old standards it reminded me of a day in church. I wonder what ever became of David tried a search but came up with nothing.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Barry Crocker - Susie Darlin'

Susie Darlin'/Put Your Hand In The Hand

Barry Hugh Crocker OAM (born 4 November 1935, in Geelong, Victoria, Australia) is a popular Australian singer, with a crooning vocal style. In May 1973 he released the album "Music Makes My Day", featuring an updated version of Robin Day's "Susie Darlin" on the Festival label. The recording featured Olivia Newton-John and Pat Carroll on backup vocals and enjoyed chart success, reaching Number 25 in Sydney, Number 7 in Melbourne, Number 3 in Brisbane and Adelaide.
He sang the original recording of the theme song for the Australian soap opera Neighbours.Crocker also has had a semi-successful career as an actor, most notably starring alongside Barry Humphries in the title role of The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and its sequel, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own. The character of Barry McKenzie gave rise to Crocker recording ribald songs such as: "My One Eyed Trouser Snake".

Monday, 17 May 2010

Andy Gibb - Flowing Rivers

I Just Want to Be Your Everything/Words and Music/Dance to the Light of the Morning/Too Many Looks in Your Eyes/Starlight/
(Love Is) Thicker Than Water/
Flowing Rivers/Come Home for the Winter/Let It Be Me/ In the End

Flowing Rivers is the first album by Bee Gees youngest sibling Andy Gibb. It was released in 1977
Born Andrew Roy Gibb in Manchester, England, Andy emigrated with his family to Australia six months after his birth. They settled in Cribb Island, adjacent to Redcliffe, north of Brisbane. After moving around Brisbane and then Sydney many times Gibb just eight years old returned to the UK in January 1967 with his family when The Bee Gees sought international fame. Andy began playing at tourist clubs around Spain's coastal Island of Ibiza, and later on the Isle of Man. At the urging of his brother Barry, Andy returned to Australia in 1974. Barry's prompting was based on his belief Australia had been a great training ground for The Bee Gees and would also help his youngest brother.
Andy Gibb's first single was "Words and Music" on the ATA label, owned by Joye. The single backed by another Andy Gibb composition "Westfield Mansions" would eventually reach Top Twenty on the Sydney music charts in 1976. Then Gibb joined the band Zenta and supported international artists Sweet and the Bay City Rollers on the Sydney leg of their Australian tours. Andy soon moved to Miami Beach, Florida to begin working on songs with his brother Barry, and co-producers Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson.In the United States, Andy became the first male solo artist to chart three consecutive Number One singles on the Billboard Hot 100. In July 1977, he had his first major hit, "I Just Want to Be Your Everything", a song written by his brother Barry, just as his first album Flowing Rivers broke into the US Top 20, on its way to selling over a million copies. The album's second single "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" broke in early 1978.

Monday, 12 April 2010

La De Das - Rock 'n' Roll Decade '64 - '74

Little Girl/How Is The Air Up There/Don't You Stand In My Way/I Take What I Want/On Top Of The World/ Jump Back/Hey Baby/Find Us A Way/All Purpose Low/Intro-Covered In Gold/Ruby For The Lady/Come And Fly With Me/Swallow, Little Swallow/You Can't Take It With You/ Life Is Leaving!/Tales Of The Nile/Winter Song/Lullabye/Civic Pride/The Chant/Come Together/Sweet Girl/Gonna See My Baby Tonight/Morning Good Morning (Outro New World Motors Ad)/Rock Me Baby (Live)/The Place/Too Pooped To Pop/ I'm In Love Again/Honky Tonkin'/All Along The Watchtower/Gone Dead Train/I'm Ready (Live)

This compilation was released in 1981 and has some hard to find tracks including a couple of live songs it also contains the entire Happy Prince album

Friday, 2 April 2010

Karen Knowles - Love Us All

Loves Us All/ I Remember

Karen Knowles became nationally famous on the popular television program Young Talent Time, where she was a member of the Young Talent Team from 1975 to 1980. In 1980 she signed with the Fable record label and became the first Australian schoolgirl to receive a Gold record with her Top Ten single Why Won't You Explain in 1981. Her first album You Are The Reason reached Platinum in 1982.Her second album, Loves Us All, was also released in 1982 and achieved Gold status. This single was taken from the Love Us All album the B-side is a non album track.