Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Shivers - Big Love

Baby Says / Not In Love / Washaway / In My World / Big Love / The Gun / It Hurts / Close My Eyes / Town Is Gone / Sorry / Fortress Of Solitude / Under His Thumb

This is an album by Melbourne band The Shivers, released on Mushroom Records in 1990. They appeared to have all the necessary ingredients required to make a strong impact on the pop market of the day yet failed to do so, which is something I have always thought was a little puzzling.

The band was Wendy Morrison (vocals, piano), Don Ely (guitar), Chris Barton (drums) and Arch Larizza (bass, keyboards & guitar), with support musicians including Julian Mathews and David Shaw of the Stems, Chong Lim, Mark Punch and Mark Moffatt. Larizza, had previously been a member of The Saints.

Wendy Morrison went on to collaborate with Richard Pleasance in Felt and they released a CD in 1996. In 1998 Pleasance was working on the music for the popular ABC TV series SeaChange and he brought Morrison in to sing the show's theme song.