Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Four Kinsmen - Live & Well

In 1962 Bernard Mahony and his younger sibling Adrian joined up with brothers Peter and George Fay to form the Four Kinsmen. Their first appearance was on Kevin Dennis Auditions. This show went to air at 6am on a Saturday morning live.The judges were Bert Newton, Frank Wilson and Geoff Brooks. They won and were given a spot on Graeme Kennedy's "In Melbourne Tonight".More success followed with a top 40 record and more TV exposure it was then they decided to turn professionaland take the plunge and leave for England to learn the ropes. After much hard work they were given a 3 month season with Dave Allen at a theatre restaurant which gave them a much needed opportunity to cement their position.
Over the next 3 years they worked with Englebert Humperdink,Des O'Connor,Val Doonican,Benny Hill,Moorecombe and Wise and toured Spain,France Germany and Sweden.While in England they released 3 singles and did a pantomime season along with the New Vaudeville Band.
They then decided to return to Australia and as the seasoned professionals that they now were had no problem gaining work on the club scene in Sydney With their brand of humour singing and new approach to entertaining they were always in demand. In 1974 their hard work was rewarded with a prestigious "Mo Award", they were voted best vocal group and "Entertainers of the Year".The group were in great demand overseas with work in South East Asia and Las Vegas keeping them busy. By 1979 all the travel was starting to take it's toll and Bernard left the group and by 1985 all the brothers had left with their places being taken by new Kinsmen who would carry the name and high standards on until 2004.

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