Thursday, 4 November 2010

Karen Knowles - Wish I Was Loving You

Why Won't You Explain/You Are The Reason/When A Child Is Born/Oh My Papa/Hold Me/La Vie En Rose/Vincent/Love Us All/Amazing Grace/Wish I as Loving You/Let It Be Me/Just For That/What's Another Year/I Never Said I Love You/Pretend/The Rose/The Heart Of Me/All The Tea In China

Karen Knowles' extensive and successful career as a performer, producer and director of her own entertainment company now spans over twenty-five years.Her performance career began with the award winning television program Young Talent Time where she quickly achieved national recognition and acclaim for her weekly appearances and regular request segments. She soon caught the eye and ear of Ron Tudor, a great pioneer in the Australian record industry, who signed her to his Fable label in 1980.
Success was swift - Karen soon made history by becoming the first Australian schoolgirl to receive a Gold record with her first Top Ten hit single Why Won’t You Explain. The following album You Are The Reason reached Platinum status, making her the highest selling female artist in Australia for two consecutive years. She then released her second record Loves Us All which achieved gold status, the Top 30 single You Don’t Know Love and The Third Time album.


  1. I realize the two Karen Knowles LP's you have here are older than dirt but I am wondering if you could possibly repost them? I just kind of stumbled across her as one of the Seeker's vocalists sans Judith and was really impressed with what little I heard. Living in America trying to find anything by anyone Australian is nearly impossible. If you don't still have the files available I'll surely understand as these posts are going on 8 years ago. BTW, thanks for the Julie Anthony posts and the Seekers Giving and Taking. Greetings from America!

  2. Hi Jon yes will repost for you check back tomorrow should be up by then.