Friday, 10 September 2010

Wa Wa Nee - One And One (Ain't Good Enough)

One An One (Ain't I Good Enough)/Rubber Cookie/Mind Over Matter/Playtime

Led by the songwriting team of Paul Gray and Steve Williams, the band signed with CBS Records in 1985. Wa Wa Nee had four singles in the Australian top 40 from their debut album release of the same name. They included "Stimulation" which reached number 2 nationally in Australia in 1986, "I Could Make You Love Me", reaching the Top 5 in the same year, and both "One And One (Ain't I Good Enough)" and "Sugar Free" making the Top 20. "Sugar Free" also reached the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 top 40. This, however would be their only success in America; "Stimulation" was released as the followup single, but only reached #86, culminating their chart career there.

The band's self titled debut album went platinum in Australia despite only reaching #29 on the charts.

Their follow-up LP, Blush was released in late 1989, and spawned two more Top 100 hits in Australia - "Can't Control Myself", and the religiously motivated "So Good" (even though the music video bordered on the pornographic). The album however, received a luke-warm response, and the band has not charted in Australia since. This post "One And One (Ain't I Good Enough)" made it to #19 in 1987 .


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