Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mike McClellan - Laughing In The Dark FLAC

Good Companions/Rock'n'Roll Man/Lovers And Strangers/Laughing In The Dark/The One I Love/Burning Your Bridges/Hold Tight/I Got Over You ( A Long Time Ago)/Sad Songs/All I've Got Is Love

Mike McClellan is an Australian singer sogwriter and was born in Melbourne, Victoria on August 24th, 1945. In 1974 Mike McClellan signed with EMI and made his first gold album, "Ask Any Dancer" ''Song and Dance Man', a single cut from it, also carried off a gold, and the music business industry voted it 'song of the year'. He made two more albums with EMI, 'Until the Song is Done' in 1976 and, 'An Evening with Mike McClellan - Live' in 1977. For his next album, his second 'gold' - 'Laughing in the Dark' he parted company with EMI and released it through Albert Productions in 1980. The album was produced by George Young and Harry Vanda (who made their name as members of the Easybeats) along with Mike. Some of the notable musicians on the album are tommy Emmanuel and Kirk L'Orange guitars Warren Morgan piano. This album has my favourite Mike McClelland song "The One I Love".


  1. Thanks mate a good album and I must agree with you "The One I Love" was always my favourite McClellan song as well. :)

  2. Thanks for this download - am looking forward to having a listen. One of my favorites is Saturday Dance (written about his times as a trainee teacher at Armidale Teachers College). As well as being an "Armidalian" it brings back great memories of the ATC dances. Spend a few hours at The Wicklow Hotel during the afternoon getting primed up listening to great live Jazz by the Dagg brothers band then off to the Saturday Dance at the ATC! Great Times :)

  3. Link no available. Any chance of a re up?