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Collett - Raze The Roof

Sydney-based singer Collette Roberts first came to the nation's attention when she signed to CBS and issued a cover of Anita Ward's 1979 disco hit `Ring My Bell'/`Save Yourself' as her debut single. `Ring My Bell' reached #3 on the national charts in May 1989. Collette followed this up with two further hits, `All I Wanna Do Is Dance'/`Push' (#12 in August) and `That's what I Like About You'/`Hothouse' (#35 in December).

DJ Stephen `Pee Wee' Ferris (ex-Flotsam Jetsam) produced Collette's debut album Raze the Roof. In 1990, Collette returned to the studio with producer Mark S. Berry for her second album, Attitude, which produced the singles `Who do You Think You Are?' (#71 in October), `Upside Down' and a cover of Natalie Cole's `This Will Be' (1991). `Who do You Think You Are?' featured New Jack Swing beat stylings (a mix of funk, soul and hip hop) and its lyrics were aimed at Collette's critics.

Early in her career, Collette performed in bright fluorescent lycra clothing, especially bike shorts, bras, and braces. In 1990 she appeared with a new image of short hair and black clothing in an attempt to cast aside the bike shorts image and for her music to be taken more seriously. Collette appeared briefly as 'Ysabel' on Home and Away in early 1991. After her second album, Attitude (1991) and its singles yielded little commercial success, she retired from the music industry and pursued a career as a stylist and make-up artist. She appeared on Channel 7's Where Are They Now? in 2006, revealing that she does some volunteer work at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

From MySpace:
Model-turned-pop-singer Collette became an Australian icon when she unleashed the gold-selling Top 5 single Ring My Bell, an Anita Ward cover, in 1989.

The infectious track caught on quickly and Collette became just as well known for her bright, fluorescent lycra clothing as her music, starting a trend of bike shorts, bras, and braces nation-wide!

Though sometimes touted as a one-hit-wonder, Collette in actuality had a handful of successful follow-ups. Ring My Bell was followed by the dancefloor hit All I Wanna Do Is Dance which reached No 12 on the Australian singles chart and further cemented Collette into Australian pop-culture with it's cheeky video. This video depicts three distinct segments in which Collette dances in fluoro vinyl against a cartoon backdrop, dances in leopard print against a space-age backdrop and finally, in her trademark lycra, dancing in a fountain and teaching the moves to random bystanders at Harbourside in Sydney.

That's What I Like About You followed on, as did Collette's debut album Raze The Roof of which she co-wrote most of the tracks.

Fans flocked to join the Collette fan-club and receive regular newsletter updates from the beautiful singer and to learn what she was like outside of the spotlight.

In 1990, Collette ditched her colourful, disposable-pop image and returned with a new look (short hair, black leather) and the first single from her second album, Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? provided a more "grown-up" sound and was followed by the singles Upside Down and This Will Be (Everlasting Love) and the album Attitude - showing a more serious side to the young singer.

In 1991, Collette appeared briefly as a character on Australian soap Home and Away named Ysabel - police constable Nick's girlfriend.

After the release of her second album, Collette eventually retired from the music industry and, after a hiatus overseas, pursued a successful career as a stylist and make-up artist. Collette also made a return to the world of modelling and continues to model in successful campaigns.

These days, Collette can also be found showing her love of animals as a volunteer at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo.

Collette has recently made appearances on Where Are They Now? and What A Year! specials in addition to performing for hundreds of screaming fans at ARQ's Retrosexual night in June 2005 and at Mardi Gras Party 2007 - proving that Collette's fans are just as passionate about her as ever and that her music still makes people want to dance!

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