Monday, 15 November 2010

Various - Hair Vol. 2

Aquarius/Manchester England/Don't Put It Down/ Walking In Space/Be In/Good Morning Starshine/3500/What A Piece Of Work Is Man/Abie Baby/Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)/ Hair

I think everybody knows what hair the musical is so I won't go into that. If you want the serious Australian cast version you can get that at Midoztouch. This album is a budget priced album that was obviously put together to cash in on the musical Hair and has the usual cast of unknowns but not quite, there are 3 principal singers 2 gals Janie Day and Susan Casey of whom I know nothing (anybody?) and the guy none other than Johnny Devlin probably short on cash. Some of the songs are quite good in a Budget sort of way they don't quite have polish of the original but I still found it an interesting listen.
I did a bit of searching to get some info on the musicians pretty hard to come by but did find out that Philip Eizenberg was a member of the Ferrets and Southern Comfort with Bobbi Marchini, Mike Bukovsky was in Marcia Hines Band during the Seventies and Ivan Sultanoff name pops up here and there he was involved with 2006 Commonwealth games opening and appears on the the Nick Cave movie sountrack "To Have And To Hold" the others not really any mention that I could be sure was them, there's a full list of those involved on the back scan. The songs they seem to have changed around to suit themselves one example is the song Three-Five-Zero-Zero which has turned into a fairly long jazz jam but probably one of the best things on this album anyway give it a listen tell me what you think.


  1. Deutros, many thanks for this one - do you have any other "Hair" related music, posters etc etc?

    Devo (from the Midoztouch forum)

  2. Devo the only other Hair album I have is an RCA Victor one LSO-1143 New York Theatre Festival Public Theatre Presents Hair.