Friday, 21 May 2010

Barry Crocker - Susie Darlin'

Susie Darlin'/Put Your Hand In The Hand

Barry Hugh Crocker OAM (born 4 November 1935, in Geelong, Victoria, Australia) is a popular Australian singer, with a crooning vocal style. In May 1973 he released the album "Music Makes My Day", featuring an updated version of Robin Day's "Susie Darlin" on the Festival label. The recording featured Olivia Newton-John and Pat Carroll on backup vocals and enjoyed chart success, reaching Number 25 in Sydney, Number 7 in Melbourne, Number 3 in Brisbane and Adelaide.
He sang the original recording of the theme song for the Australian soap opera Neighbours.Crocker also has had a semi-successful career as an actor, most notably starring alongside Barry Humphries in the title role of The Adventures of Barry McKenzie and its sequel, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own. The character of Barry McKenzie gave rise to Crocker recording ribald songs such as: "My One Eyed Trouser Snake".


  1. Thanks for this very interested in hearing the B side of this one.

  2. Remeber this from 1973. It was a really well constructed record for its time.

  3. Wow, this takes me back. Think I had it on one of those Xmas compilation albums.

    Good post and a really great site. I'll be back for more! :)