Friday, 16 July 2010

GANGgajang- Sounds Of Then

Sounds Of Then/House Of Cards (Live)

Ganggajang (styled as GANGgajang) are an Australian rock band who formed in 1984. The three principal figures in the original lineup were former Riptides frontman Mark "Cal" Callaghan and two former members of popular Australian hard rock band The Angels, bassist Chris Bailey and drummer Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup."Sounds of Then" aka "This is Australia" is a 1985 song by Australian band Ganggajang from their self-titled debut album, Ganggajang. "Sounds of Then" was written by frontman Mark "Cal" Callaghan. Whilst the 1985 release of "Sounds of Then" was not an initial commercial success, it has become the band's most popular and recognisable song and reached its peak when it was used as Nine Network's station ID promotion in 1996. The B-Side, "House of Cards", was recorded live for 2JJJ.


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