Monday, 12 April 2010

La De Das - Rock 'n' Roll Decade '64 - '74

Little Girl/How Is The Air Up There/Don't You Stand In My Way/I Take What I Want/On Top Of The World/ Jump Back/Hey Baby/Find Us A Way/All Purpose Low/Intro-Covered In Gold/Ruby For The Lady/Come And Fly With Me/Swallow, Little Swallow/You Can't Take It With You/ Life Is Leaving!/Tales Of The Nile/Winter Song/Lullabye/Civic Pride/The Chant/Come Together/Sweet Girl/Gonna See My Baby Tonight/Morning Good Morning (Outro New World Motors Ad)/Rock Me Baby (Live)/The Place/Too Pooped To Pop/ I'm In Love Again/Honky Tonkin'/All Along The Watchtower/Gone Dead Train/I'm Ready (Live)

This compilation was released in 1981 and has some hard to find tracks including a couple of live songs it also contains the entire Happy Prince album

Friday, 2 April 2010

Karen Knowles - Love Us All

Loves Us All/ I Remember

Karen Knowles became nationally famous on the popular television program Young Talent Time, where she was a member of the Young Talent Team from 1975 to 1980. In 1980 she signed with the Fable record label and became the first Australian schoolgirl to receive a Gold record with her Top Ten single Why Won't You Explain in 1981. Her first album You Are The Reason reached Platinum in 1982.Her second album, Loves Us All, was also released in 1982 and achieved Gold status. This single was taken from the Love Us All album the B-side is a non album track.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Frankie Davidson - (I Love You) Don't You Forget It

Frankie Davidson - (I Love You) Don't You Forget It/ Johnny Hawker Orchestra - Lost Patrol

Frankie Davidson, OAM seems to have been around for ever and probably has, he is best known for his self written humourous pieces ranging from "Have you ever been to see King’s Cross?" "Have you ever been to see Old London Town?" "Ball bearing Bird", through to "Gimmie Dat Ding", "I hope your chooks turn into Emus". "50,00000 blowflies can't be wrong". "The Aussie Barbeque Song". and, "We love the Beatles". This single is one of those custom jobs that used to appear quite regularly in the early sixties various petol companies used to have them as I remember, this one was for Lawrence Dry Cleaners. Released in 1963 The B-side is an instrumental By "Johnny Hawker Orchestra" "Lost Patrol" which was the theme for Four Corners.