Friday, 10 September 2010

Dragon - Celebration

Celebration/Blue Blue Is The Radio

Dragon were one of the great bands of the Seventies originally from New Zealand where they had released 2 albums but were virtually unknown here. The group had moved to Australia to try their luck and after the huge success of the 1977 single April Sun In Cuba #2 we claimed them as our own. Celebration was released in 1987 and climbed to #11 on the charts the song was lifted from the album Bondi Road #18. The B-Side was a non album track but has since been released as a track on the Tales From The Darkside compilation.


  1. Hi Deutros,
    I just tried to connect to Midoztouch and found that it has disappeared (its host Bravenet is calling it an "expired website"). Do you have any idea what has happened, and where Micko etc may be hiding? It was always a great blog for Australiana.
    Phil from Adelaide.

  2. Hi Phil yeah it happens now and then when the owner Paul forgets to pay the bill but the forum is still up and running you can get to it via this link.

  3. Thanks Deutros, that's a big load off my mind. I guess that running a blog as big as Midoz does mean that unimportant (non-musical) things like bills tend to get forgotten.