Friday, 10 December 2010

Mary Schneider - The Magic Of Yodelling

When the New York papers wrote "Mary Schneider, Australia's Queen Of Yodelling, takes New York by storm" it was yet another exciting development in the career of this legendary singer.Firstly, let's look back down the road that has taken Mary from Queensland to 'Queen'!
The youngest of five musical children, Mary's father died when she was one year old. She began playing the ukulele at age four and caught the yodelling bug at six, probably from her German/Bavarian background. All her brothers and sisters would sit around the kitchen table every night and sing wonderful four-part harmonies. Yes - music was important in their household. As a child, she would practice yodelling while sitting up in a mango tree in the backyard of her Queensland Australia home.
Mary began singing professionally at age 11. Her performing career really began when, as the Schneider Sisters, Mary and her sister Rita had an Instrumental/Vocal Variety Act. They first recorded regularly for EMI Regal Zonophone and then had a long and successful career together. They appeared regularly on TV and at Venues and Clubs throughout Australia and Overseas.
Through the years, Mary developed into an accomplished musician and singer, taking operatic training and working on TV and Radio all over Australia and the Far East as a Jazz and Country singer. Her love of jazz developed through her brother who was a jazz guitarist in the style of Django Rheinhardt.
With an unquenchable combination of a powerful voice and vibrant personality, she has been in constant demand for personnal appearances and recordings. However, a frantic schedule of stage and media work kept her away from recording for many years until the 80s when she was persuaded to return to the studio to cut some yodelling albums. These featured a mixture of Country, Novelty and European songs which not only established Mary internationally as a yodeller of top quality but also triggered a yodelling revival. Mary has been recording ever since, and at present, is in the midst of a new Album.
During this time, Mary also became a rare Multi-Award Winner of the coveted "Mo" Award for Best Vocal/Instrumental Performer, the pinnacle of Australian Show Business - a winner of no less than five "Mo" Awards.She has acquired many other Awards for her Singing and Songwriting Talents.
A major turning point in Mary's life began when one night she dreamt she was walking down a marble staircase - not only singing an Operatic Aria but yodelling it as well. "Yodelling The Classics" was born! A WORLD FIRST!
"Yodelling The Classics Vols 1 and 2" have been an important step in her career and made her a cult figure throughout the World. Mary's Albums have earned her gold and platinum status and she has been featured in the prestigious Guiness Encylopedia of Popular Music.
During her many trips to Europe, she has appeared on special TV Shows- The Deutsche Academy Awards from the Berlin Opera House - In Concert at the Hanover Expo appearing with Sir Peter Ustinov and Jose Carreras - Winterfest Der Volksmusik - Queer Carnival and Casa Nostra Switzerland to name a few .... also Jean Paul Gaultier's Eurotrash three times.
In the USA, her appearances included Regis and Kathy Lee, The Howard Stern Show, Good Morning America, E-Entertainment, Crook and Chase, Good-Day New York, CNN's Showbiz Today and many more. She has also appeared in hundreds of TV Shows in her own country, Australia. Recently, she was chosen as one of the Icons in a special Documentary on UK/TV on Australian Icons alongside Kylie, Lifesavers and Red-back Spiders
Mary's music has been included in the Disney Movie "I'll be Home For Christmas", Torville and Dean Ice Skating Specials, Miller's Beer Commercials, Dudley Do Right Film, "Just Married" Movie, McDonald's Commercials, ABC Station ID, "Dirty Deeds" Movie etc.
Mary has been inducted into the "Hands Of Fame" "Walk Of Honour" "Walk A Country Mile" and with her sister Rita, was inducted onto the "Roll Of Renown". Recently, also with Rita, the "Lifetime Achievement Award".
Mary's wonderful career is still going from strength to strength after so many years and she still enjoys rave reviews due to her undeniable vocal excellence which is her trade mark.


  1. I don't suppose you would reconsider ripping and posting this at flac, or at least not 320.
    She's so good, and this rip is a bit washed out.
    S Mitchell

  2. When I rip an album I rip it as a wave then burn it to CDR so I can do a wave rip for you. As to how it sounds I can only do what I can do from the Vinyl source.

  3. My mistake then - the washed out sound is the source and not the rip.
    I have your .mp3s @320 and you posting the wav's is thus not going to improve the sound.
    Thank-you very much for responding. And thank-you for the offer to post wav's-that is certainly generous. :-) She's still good.
    S Mitchell (Canada)