Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ronnie Charles - Katy Jane

Katie Jane /No Face No Name And No Number


Ronnie Charles full name Ronnie Charles Boromeo was the lead singer of the Groop and on their breakup in 1969 released this single "Katie Jane" which he co-wrote, the B-side being the Traffic number "No Face No Name And No Number" both tracks are stunners. He released a second solo single "It's Been So Long/Natural Man" in 1970 which I'd like to get hold off. Ronnie then formed Captain Australia and The Honky Tonk the same year and released one single "Excerpts From Muses/Everybody I Love You" then they set off for the UK but like most Aussies that tried their luck in the UK they found the going tough and disbanded. The next band Ronnie formed was Atlas they released one album "Atlas" and released a couple of singles then broke up in '72. Still in England Ronnie recorded a solo album "Prestidigitation" in the late seventies Ronnie returned to Australia recorded another single "Rock n Roll Hoodlum/Aim For The Stars" and an album "Hands Off" released in 1983 and since then has fronted a number of bands and is currently fronting Ronnie Charles & The Retro Bandits.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Russell Morris - Slow Joey

Slow Joey
This is the B-side to Rachael released in 1970 and reached #23 on the charts probably no mean feat as this was the time of the dreaded radio bans when major record lables couldn't get their product played on the radio. I haven't posted the A-side as it was badly damaged but I've posted scans of both sides of the single .
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Innocent Bystanders - Don't Go Looking Back

Just My Mother's Son/Lookin' Down At You/Let Me In/I Don't Care/Dangerous/Hard To Know/Those Days/Late Knight Criers/Don't Go Looking Back

At a time when cover bands dominated the Western Australian music landscape, "Bystanders" were one of the few original acts to make a dent and after a few years of hard work eventually pull very respectable crowds. Their Monday night residences at the Herdsman Hotel drew crowds of over 250 people, many of them music industry types there to listen to this powerful Australian band heavily influenced by Cold Chisel and Bruce Springsteen. The standout features were the depth of Keyser's songwriting and his powerful vocals and the amazing young teenage guitarist Mark Lizotte aka Diesel.
The band's songs drew heavily from their local environment of beaches, hot summers, weekends down South and even the demolition of the Scarborough Beach Hotel. In addition Keyser soaked up many influences and ventured into the realm of story-telling with his songs.
In 1983 the band released a cassette entitled Live at the Subi, recorded at the Subiaco Hotel with a mobile recording truck.
In 1984 the band flew to Sydney and recorded a single, "Lebanon" with Peter Walker (Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel producer)[1] with the lineup of Lizotte, Brett Keyser (vocals), John ‘Yak’ Sherrit (drums), John ‘Tatt’ Dalzell (bass) and Cliff Kinneen (keyboards).
Lizotte left the band in 1986. Keyser then recruited new players John Heussanstamm (guitar) and Al Kash (drums; ex-Blackfeather) and issued the album Don’t Go Looking Back on the Chase label. The other members followed Lizotte and formed the successful Australian act Johnny Diesel & The Injectors.


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Friday, 19 June 2009

Smacka Fitzgibbon - Smacka's Party Album

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven/Blueberry Hill/My Little Bimbo Down On The Bamboo Isle/At The Woodchopper's Ball (Inst.)/Home/Toot Toot Tootsie (Goo'bye)/My Blue Heaven/Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home/Alexander's Ragtime Band/I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight/Honey Hush/I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas/You Oughta Be In Pictures/March Of The Bobcats (Inst.)/If I Had You/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (Inst.)/After You've Gone/The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie

I wasn't going to post this here but what the heck someone might be interested. Smacka was best known for his hit "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie" #21 0n the charts The album is made up of old standards jazz and rag time mainly and the backing musos are quite good check out the instrumentals there is also a different version of "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie on there as well.

Fitzgibbon was born at Mordialloc on 12 February 1930, the son of Francis (Frank) Fitzgibbon, clerk and Minnie née Mitchell (d 1989). Educated at St. Bede’s College, Mentone, ‘Smacka’ as he was popularly known began first playing the ukulele at an early age before switching to the banjo; his earliest influences were Bing Cosby and Louis Armstrong. In 1951 he began playing with “Frank Johnson’s Fabulous Dixielanders”, and later with the father of Australian jazz, Graham Bell, before forming his own band with “The Steamboat Stompers”; his first album was “Frisco Joe’s Good Time Boys”. In 1969 he opened Melbourne’s first jazz restaurant “La Brochette” (Studley Park Road, Kew) and later in June 1971 “Smacka’s Place” (Chetwynd Street, North Melbourne) which became a Melbourne institution; his recipe for an enjoyable night out was an ample supply of “good food, good liquor, and good entertainment”. Described as “plump and smiling with a warm and friendly genial personality”, Smacka was a much loved entertainer, a rare breed who left a smile on everyone’s face and a familiar face on Melbourne television shows, notably “Sunnyside Up”, “The Penthouse Club” and “In Melbourne Tonight”. In 1972, the jovial Australian jazzman recorded the title song of the unforgettable movie “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie” which became a best seller. Having had a malignant tumour removed in 1955, on 1 September 1977 Smacka collapsed during a radio broadcast on 3.L.O; in July 1979 he was told the end was neigh and died from a cerebral haemorrhage on 15 December aged 49 .
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Russell Morris - Wings Of An Eagle

There was some interest shown for this album over at Midoztouch as all the tracks bar one are all available on 2CD's"Retrospective" $12.99 and "The Real Thing" $26.99 at JB HiFi . So what I have done is make available the artwork and the missing track "Satisfy You" so those that want to can compile there own album.
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Monday, 15 June 2009

Boom Crash Opera - Bombshell 12" single

Love Me To Death/Fire Inside The Island/Bombshell

Boom Crash Opera are a pop-rock band formed in Melbourne Australia in 1985. Initially based around the songwriting partnership of Richard Pleasance (guitar/bass/vocals 1985 - 1992) and Peter Farnan (guitar/bass/keys/vocals) Boom Crash Opera also includes Dale Ryder (lead vocals), Peter Maslen (drums/vocals), Greg O'Connor (keyboards/guitar) and Ian Tilley (bass/vocals 1992 - present).
They released seven albums and an EP in the thirteen years of their recording career, and continue to play occasional shows. This 12" single was released in 1988 and has the extended version of "Bombshell" of the first album Boom Crash Opera as well as "Love Me To Death" and the previously unreleased track " Fire Inside The Island"
To celebrate the release of their ‘Dancing In The Storm’ acoustic album through the Liberation Blue label on Friday May 1st, 2009, Boom Crash Opera will head out on tour to perform live do yourself a favour and go out and buy the album support Aussie music .

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Renee Geyer - The Restless Years

Restless Years/Restless Years Instrumental

In late 1977, Geyer released the single "Restless Years", the theme song for the Ten Network TV soapie The Restless Years written by Mike Perjanik "Restless Years" reached the top 40 in early 1978. The B-side is an instrumental performed by the Mike Perjanik Orchestra.

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Jimmy and the Boys - Not Like Everybody else

I'm Not Like Everybody Else/Cops Are Coming/Butchy Boys/Vampire Love/Other Side/Wild Boys/Komputer Songg/Dr. Cairo/Rude To You/Wagga

“Jimmy and the Boys were an Australian New Wave band, active from 1975 to 1982, best known for their incredibly violent stage shows. The act revolved around vocalist Ignatius Jones and keyboard player Joylene Hairmouth - a couple of friends from Cranbrook and Riverview, exclusive private schools. Since 1976 the duo had been surrounded by various combinations of backing musicians, the constant guts and gore probably accounting for at least some of the member turnover. Their performance, their visual image, their on and offstage behaviour were all carefully designed to elicit the maximum level of shocked outrage from a public long since bored with the standard media fare of moral decadence. Sadomasochism, transvestitism, self-mutilation, drug abuse, inebriation, simulated sex and mock rape all took starring roles in Jimmy And The Boys’ blisteringly paced tribute to cultural degeneracy. The band was known for often causing audience riots in the more homophobic venues they played.”

I'd forgotten what a great album this is even though the themes of the songs are of bondage murder transvestites and sex changes this album just powers along with some really great rock songs The Cops are Coming ,Butchy Boys and Wild Boys. Another great track is Other Side written by co-written Kevin Borich and Todd Hunter amongst others.


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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Saltbush - Stranger

Stranger/Fiddle Man

I wasn't able to find out a terrible lot about Saltbush only that are descibed as Legendary quite often, for a legendary band there isn't very much on them out there. Saltbush formed in 1975, they toured Australia and supported Ray Stevens. They recorded several albums, and were named Vocal Group or Duo of the Year in 1979 at the County Music Awards for this single, and they played at the Tulsa Festival in Oklahoma, US. Some of the members were Bernie O'Brien one time member of The Rondells, Paul Pyle and Ross Nicholson and Mark Moffatt. There are a couple of Saltbush tracks on the Live at the Station album which is available from the Midoztouch website front page.

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Johnny O'keefe - One Of Those Nights

One Of Those Nights/Rock 'n' Roll Will Stand

Johnny O'Keefe has been described as 'The Wild One', Australia's 'King of Rock'N'Roll' and the 'Father of the Australian Record Industry'. He was all of these, but above all he was the greatest entertainer this country has ever seen.
Born John Michael O'Keefe in Sydney on January 19, 1935, into a musical family, Johnny O'Keefe's career took off in the mid to late 1950's when, together with American born entrepreneur Lee Gordon, he pioneered Rock'N'Roll in Australia. Sharing the bill with the greatest names of the rock era, O'Keefe invariably blasted the overseas acts off the stages of Stadiums right throughout the country with his frantic stage act; an act that earned him the title 'The Wild One'. His 1959 recording 'Shout' became the Australian Rock 'N'Roll' National Anthem.
Johnny O'Keefe almost single handedly established the Australian recording industry. He won over a very cynical recording company, radio stations and the Australian record buying public and his second to none career 29 Top 40 hits says it all. But for Johnny O'Keefe, it is fair to say that we would not have the record industry in Australia that exists today. He fought long and hard till the day he died to promote Australian talent and to ensure that Australian artists were afforded the opportunity to record.
His battle to ensure that radio stations gave Australian artists equal time to their overseas contemporaries is legendary. He gave Australians the opportunity to gain invaluable experience on Australian television before heading overseas. Olivia Newton John, Helen Reddy and Peter Allen are prime examples of artists who benefited from his support. They in turn paved the way for today's artists to be accepted on their merits. All this at a time when we Australians were very slow to recognise the wonderful talent that we had in our own back yard.
Johnny O'Keefe had a fierce determination to succeed and to help others succeed. He had a work ethic that would have destroyed most. He had an amazing capacity to bounce back from the many adversities that beset his career, such as a near fatal car accident, and a series of breakdowns. It was as if he was living the old adage - 'the show must go on'.
His achievements in a 25 year career are staggering. He was the first Australian artist to ever make the Australian Top 40 charts, with "Wild One". He was the first Australian artist to be signed by and record for a major international label - the US Liberty based label. Out of that association came US sales in excess of 100, 000 copies of 'She's My Baby' and two No. I hits and a No. 2 hit in this country. In all, he released over 50 singles, 50 EP's and 100 albums. He wrote and produced hits for other Australian artists; managed the careers of a number of others; compared 4 highly successful television entertainment programs; performed to millions in all corners of this huge continent; toured America, performing in 36 major cities and appearing on the top rating 'American Bandstand' and 'Ed Sullivan Shows' - all firsts for an Australian entertainer; entertained troops in Vietnam; proved to be the major attraction at the three day Sunbury Outdoor Music Festival in 1973; and played a key role in the introduction of the national 'Mo' entertainment awards.
Australians were stunned at the news of his death on October 6, 1978, but he has left a wonderful legacy in the form of such classic songs as "Shout', "She's My Baby", "I'm Counting On You" and "She Wears My Ring". Johnny O'Keefe was a Superstar and truly an Australian Entertainment Legend. (By Damian Johnstone )

Great single released in 1977 a year before his death by the late great J'OK the A-side is in the style of his 50's songs while the B-side is a remake of his 1964 single Rock 'n' Roll Will Stand.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Darryl Cotton - It's Rock 'n' Good Fun

Swinging School/Little Town Flirt/It Hurts To Be In Love/Silhouettes/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes/Till I Kissed You/Go Away Little Girl/Teenager In Love/Tell Me What She Said/Sealed With A Kiss/Walking Wth My Angel/Goodbye Cruel World/Venus/Calendar Girl/The Young Ones/Point Of No Return.

Following Zoot, Darryl formed Frieze with fellow Zoot member Beeb Birtles they released 3 singles and an album the duo lasted a year then Darryl ventured overseas, Daryl left Australia in July 1972, and travelled to the UK where he
worked for several months with Mick Flynn (ex-Mixtures). In early 1973 he received an offer to join a band in the US called Friends with American Michael Lloyd and fellow Aussie expatriate Steve Kipner (ex-Steve & the Board, Tin Tin). Friends signed to Warners and issued one self-titled album, plus a couple of singles.
On Steve Kipner's departure Cotton and Lloyd continued as Cotton, Lloyd & Christian with new member Chris Christian. The vocal trio recorded a self-titled album for 20th Century which was also used as the soundtrack to the 1976 US teen film The Pom Pom Girls directed by Joseph Ruben. Cotton Lloyd & Christian issued the single Crying in the Rain in April 1977, after which Daryl toured as guitarist and backing vocalist for Olivia Newton-John.

In 1978, Darryl returned to Australia to release his solo single, "Don't Let It Get to You" which appeared on the album, Best Seat In The House. Various successful solo singles followed, including the self-penned national top ten single, "Same Old Girl", which earned him a Countdown award for Best Solo Male Performance in 1980, exactly ten years after Zoot had the same award for a group.

Darryl has acted on the Australian soap opera The Young Doctors and appeared in the lead role of a successful stage production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.From 1984 he was a
co-host on Network Ten's The Early Bird Show, a popular Saturday morning variety show for children. He also hosted a program called Summer Rock on Adelaide's Nine Network.In 1984 he released "Rock'n'Good Fun", and a children's album," Just for Kids" in 1988.Then in 1989, he was awarded the Advance Australia Award for his services to the community, acknowledging his keen support and assistance to numerous charities and public organisations.

Darryl now performs regularly with the band Cotton Keays & Morris with fellow legendary performers Jim Keays from The Masters Apprentices and Russell Morris.
Now to the album at first look a cop out grab the cash and run but upon listening to it (like a lot of the vinyl I have this is my first listen) not bad at all it sounds like Darryl enjoyed making this album. It consists of 50' and 60's rock and roll teen idol covers with songs from the likes of Neil Sedaka,Dion,Cliff Richard and Brian Hyland. Darryl voice suits the songs and pulls it of quite well so have a listen and tell me what you think.

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Friday, 5 June 2009

La De Das - Gonna See My Baby Tonight

Gonna See My Baby Tonight/Fare TheeWell 

The La De Das were a leading New Zealand rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. Formed in New Zealand in 1963 (as The Mergers), they enjoyed considerable local success in this period in both countries until their split in 1975. The band is probably best known as the launching place for the career of guitarist Kevin Borich, and for their recording of one of the first concept albums to be recorded in Australia, The Happy Prince in 1968.
"Gonna See My Baby Tonight" was released in 1971 and became their highest placed single #12 nationally. The great thing about this single is the B-side "Fare The Well " can't recommend it too highly a mainly acoustic piece just ambles along but I love it. Phil Keys co-wrote this and it's just magic.
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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Running Jumping Standing Still - Diddy Wah Diddy

Diddy Wah Diddy/My Girl

Almost as soon as Sydney's fabled Missing Links were finished, around August 1966, guitarist Doug Ford and singer Andy James decided to try their luck in Melbourne, where they formed the Running Jumping Standing Still. The original lineup, which evidently lasted only a couple of months, was completed by bassist Rick Dalton (ex-Pink Finks) and drummer Ian Robinson.
Initially described as 'the New Missing Links,' Running Jumping Standing Still was indeed an extension of what Doug and Andy had been doing in their previous band, with Andy proclaiming that "We are all sincere in our addiction to feedback".
RJSS went through several lineups in its short History, although the exact order of events is still uncertain. But RJSS was never destined to be a long-lasting band -- the famously fractious relationship between Doug and Andy, which dated back to their Missing Links days, made it almost certain that the group would split eventually -- although the actual cause of Andy's departure was quite unexpected.
Rick Dalton had left by October '66. He was replaced by Jamie Byrne (ex-Black Pearls); they also added Dennis (Denny) Burgess (ex The Throb) (presumably on rhythm guitar) at this time. This second lineup lasted until around the time of Andy's enforced departure sometime in 1967.
A 'live' version of 'Diddy Wah Diddy' included on the LP Diggin' Through The Bins by the Missing Links was recorded and performed on ATV-0's The Go!! Show, perusmably for their October 24 appearance. The song was introduced by host, Johnny Young, who quaintly described them as "a most unusual group".
Another rare glimpse of RJSS from this time can be found in Peter L. Lamb's 30-minute film documentary Approximately Panther, made in late 1966. It features a few brief shots of RJSS doing their thing at the Thumpin' Tum disco, although sadly there is no original sound; the soundtrack is a studio-recorded instrumental, played by the 18th Century Quartet.
Andy's departure from the group was sudden and dramatic. In late 1966 -- probably December -- Andy suffered an agonising brain haemorrhage during an RJSS performance at the Thumpin' Tum disco. Doug Ford recalls: "Nothing would stop that guy, he was like a locomotive burning down the tracks. But this night something stopped him."
Andy: "We were playing the Thumpin' Tum and we were pushing it. I was getting these headaches and was singing River Deep, Mountain High and ended up getting a haemorrhage and collapsing on stage with this blinding headache. I was in hospital for a month and that was the end of that."
Andy was treated in hospital, and received many letters and cards from fans while he was recuperating; he later published a small ad in Go-Set to thank all his well-wishers. He was advised by his doctor to slow down and give up rock and roll, but Andy would have none of this and soon formed a new band called the Andy James Asylum.
With Andy gone, RJSS recruited a new frontman, Peter Newing of The Pleazers. Newing sang on the two RJSS singles released on the Sunshine label. The first was "Diddy Wah Diddy" / "My Girl" in March 1967 but this version was markedly inferior to the recording made for The Go!! Show. A follow up and sadly final single "She's Good To Me" / "Little Girl" was released in August. By this time Byrne and Robinson had both left; they were replaced by John Philips and Doug Lavery, respectively. Sources also list Ian Ferguson (bass) and Mick Elliott (drums) as RJSS members during 1967, but no other details of their tenure are known at present. One rare video recording from this period has recently surfaced on the YouTube website, featuring Billy Thorpe performing on an unnamed TV show (possibly on the ABC) backed by several members of RJSS.
Speaking of the final days of the band, Doug commented: "We tried to keep up the same wild stage act, but it was completely insipid compared to when Andy was there." At the start of 1968 Doug (who wasn't making much money) was approached by Jim Keays and offered a job with the Masters Apprentices; he agreed to join as soon as his commitments with RJSS were ended, and he officially joined the Masters in February 1968, thus bringing RJSS to an end.
After Running Jumping Standing Still ...- Jamie Byrne went on to play for other groups such as The Groove and its shortlived successor, Eureka Stockade.
- Doug Lavery went to Doug Parkinson in Focus, The Valentines and Axiom.
- Andy James formed two shortlived bands in Melbourne, Andy James Asylum, followed by Mother Superior, before moving back to Sydney where he joined . In 1970 he joined the cast of the Australian production of Hair for a short time. This was followed by an 18-month stint with Sydney club band Southern Comfort with Bobbi Marchini. His experience in Hair led him out of music and into acting full-time. He has since became a prominent and popular stage and TV actor, starring in such shows as 'The Sullivans', 'The Bob Morrison Show', 'Phoenix' and 'Fire'. Since the '70s Andy has worked under his original surname, Anderson. Andy recently released his first solo album, the witty titled If I'd Known I'd Live This Long (I'd Have Taken Better Care Of Myself) and also has his own website at
Doug Ford and Ian Ferguson have recently renewed their friendship after more than thirty years. This led to the decision to perform together as an acoustic duo under the name Ford & Ferg. Doug Ford recently contacted Andy Anderson by phone and they spoke for the first time in over 30 years.
Many thanks to Peter Markmann for whom most of the research material for this article that could not have been done. More research was obtained from the website and the Who's Who of Australian Rock.
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Renee Geyer - Say I Love You

Say I Love You/Bad Side Of The Blues

In 1980, Renee Geyer signed with Mushroom records. They released her album "So Lucky" in December 1981, the album moved Renee from the soul style she had been identified with and added a tougher, rootsy Rock/R&B style, while incorporating Salsa and reggae. The single "Say I Love You" became her biggest hit when it reached #5 on the Australian charts the B-side included here is a non album track. So Lucky spawned two further singles, "Do You Know What I Mean?" released in December 1981 attained the top 30 in February 1982, and "I Can Feel the Fire" released in February 1982, which had no top 50 chart success.

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Ray Burgess - Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy/Lightning's Child

Australian musician and television presenter, Ray Burgess, shot to the top of Australia’s fledgling pop-rock scene following a successful appearance on television’s talent show, New Faces (the 20th century equivalent of Australian Idol). It was 1970 and Ray soon became a founding member of popular show band, Red Time, touring Australia for several years before the band was signed up as backing band to then-King of Pop, Johnny Farnham.

An accomplished singer in his own right, Ray undertook a solo career in 1974 and his very first recording, Touch Me, became a huge Australian hit. This success was confirmed by several more hits: Love Fever, Sad Rock & Roll, Rock & Roll Lightning and, the one he will be most remembered for, Gloria. Ray’s solo career produced three albums and he will be fondly remembered by all those baby boomers who got their music from iconic television shows like Countdown.

He was nominated for King of Pop in 1975 and 1976 (pipped at the post both years by Aussie pop royalty, Daryl Braithwaite).

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