Friday, 18 September 2009

Mr. Lee Grant - Mr. Lee Grant

Havah Nagilah/You Can Have Her/ The Real Thing/Some Kina Magic/Coloured Lights/Opportunity/Yo Yo/Take My Hand/Love/The Coalman/Spicks And Specks/Thanks To You

Mr. Lee Grant Kiwi superstar of the late sixties didn't make much of an impression here in OZ but was huge over there The Mr. may seem a bit pretentious but that was added to avoid confusion with a local actress with the same name. The album which I had never heard before was quite good .
A special thanks to Rex for sending me this album.
The opening track "Hava Nagilah" I thought was a strange choice until I read that he was born Bogdan Charis Kominowski to Polish parents on April 22 1945, in a Nazi concentration camp just outside Dusseldorf. His father was killed, but he and his mother survived and emigrated to New Zealand in 1949, settling in Palmerston North chilling stuff. The song "The Real Thing" not the Russell Morris hit is probably my Fave followed by the 2 Bee Gees covers Ronnie Burn's hit "Coalman" and the Bee Gee's first big hit "Spicks And Specks".

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Electric Pandas - Let's Gamble 12inch EP

Let's Gamble/Crush (Live)/Point Blank (Live)/Let's Gamble (Extended Mix)

Electric Pandas were formed in Sydney in 1983 and comprised Buckfield (vocals/guitar), Tim Walter (guitar), Warren Slater (bass) and Mark Stinson (drums).
The band were signed to the Regular label and their first release was the single, "Big Girls" written by Buckfield, in April, 1984. The track was featured on commercial radio playlists and music commentator, Ian "Molly" Meldrum, raved about Electric Pandas on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) pop music show Countdown. "Big Girls" reached #8 in Sydney by May, and peaked at #18 on the Kent Music Report for Australian singles charts by mid-year. A relentless touring schedule led up to the release of Electric Pandas' debut EP, Let's Gamble, in December, 1984. The EP peaked at #81 on national charts.