Thursday, 28 May 2015

Young Homebuyers - 1982 - Young Homebuyers

Sheree/Showbiz Revolution/She's A Girl/Sometimes/Take One Step/Every Dog/Fiona/Fashion/Jackie's Door/Boyfriend/Is She Gonna Go

 The Young homebuyers evolved out of a band called Nasty Nigel and the teenage hellcats (Nasty Nigel being Nigel Lawrence). By the middle of 1981 Greg Williams and Nigel Lawrence began writing their own material, and by the end of 1981 had become widely known for their "razor edged satirical lyrics" (Day et al, 1987, p 246).
In 1982 Lawrence and fellow band members Paul Ziesing and Greg Williams moved to Melbourne. The trio poached Greg Champion and Mick Teakle and established a new Young homebuyers in Melbourne. During this year negotiations with record label Rough Diamond and a publishing contract with Mushroom were forged. In 1983 the band began performing live and produced a set of new pop songs "distinguished by a rich guitar sound" (Day, 1987, p247).

In March 1983 they recorded an album titled Take one step, from which the title track was released as a single. Later a second single came out called She's a girl.

The band was applauded by critics for its honest, fresh approach, unfortunately public opinion was not as strong and PolyGram stopped distributing the Rough Diamond label , which led to the record failing to sell. Demoralised, the band split 18 months after it began.


  1. Great album had it on cassette when it first came out. Yet another lost classic that should have been bigger. Love early eighties oz rock.

  2. Thanks Mort. Had this album on vinyl and my mates and I used to follow them around the Melbourne pubs. We loved them...a really good pop band. I think Nigel went on to form/play with a band called Latest Thing From England which didnt last too long.