Sunday, 24 May 2015

Easybeats - 1967 - The Best Of + Pretty Girl

For My Woman/She's So Fine/Wedding Ring/ Sad And Lonely And Blue/Easy As Can Be/In My Book/Women (Make You Feel Alright)/ Pretty Girl/Come And See Her/I'll Make You Happy/Too Much/Sorry/Made My Bed(Gonna Lie In It/Friday On My Mind

This is an album that I was always going to rip but could never find the time to get around to doing well I finally made the effort. Nothing here that hasn't been compiled before. But this was their first Compilation and boy does it show what a talented bunch they were. Australia had never seen anything like the Easybeats and never will again. Listening to the album transported me back to a better time a fun time a time when it was great to be alive.

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  1. One of the first albums I purchased back in the 60's. What a great album and many fantastic memories. DH.