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The Deakins - Take Me For A Little While

Take Me For A Little While/Look and Learn

A Melbourne based band created in 1963, originally as a 60s Pop, Surf rock quartet, reforming over time to a trio and a Quintet. Over their 10 year journey, performing live concerts and dance venues mainly in Melbourne, Geelong,Torquay, though to Warrnambool circuits and later, appearing on television’s rock shows Kommotion and The Go!! Show. In developing their own sound, the group focused heavily on 3 part vocal harmony. They also used a Fender Bass VI (six string bass guitar ), as part of their guitar line up.

For over three years, were the resident band at a Geelong Saturday dance named Surf City , afterwards, renamed to "Teen Scene". The group were also kept very busy by the numerous surf club dances along the southern coast of Australia. Ranging from beach locations Torquay, though to Warrnambool Victoria. During years, 1964–1965, each member of the group turned 18 years of age. With the Vietnam War, escalating in the background, it was each members turn, to register for Australian military Service. Conscripts were selected, on a lottery style system, based on their date of birth. By chance, none of the then, four members were chosen to serve. This event cleared the way for the group to pursue their ambitions of turning professional. Also to look for a recording contract. However, their final decision to turn professional in 1965, was the reason, one of the original members, Gary Schober, choose to depart.

Forming part of the second wave of rock and roll in Australia, it was as a trio in 1966, that The Deakins were contracted to The GO!! Record label.

In one morning session, early 1966, the Deakins GO!! Recordings were produced by Ron Tudor and engineered by Roger Savage at Armstrong Studios in South Melbourne. They recorded four songs, with two 'A' side releases: Tonight you’re gonna fall in love with me and Take me for a little while. These were released as two (2) single 7 inch vinyls. Included in the recordings, was an original track, Look and Learn composition by Jeff Donoghue, bass guitarist, with lead guitar arrangement by Bob Millar. This was the flip side of their second release.

The GO!! Era consisted of an interrelated GO!! Recording label, Television show the GO!! Show and Go-Set magazine. The television ventures of the GO show and Kommotion, started to wind up in 1967. Go Records was then next. Consequently, along with a wave of other musical artists of the time, The Deakins GO!! Era ended.

The GO!! Show archives are limited in number today and although over 200 shows were performed they are rare collectors items now. One of the Deakins GO!! performances of Look and Learn and was recorded on series three (3) Episode 117, on 28 November 1966. This escaped loss and is part of the 6 remaining complete tapes of the GO!! Show from the Australian 60’s Beat music era. Artists appearing on this show were numerous and some of the rare tapes to remain, include extracts from performances by a then young singer Olivia Newton-John.

The Deakins continued on for some years after the GO!! Era. During the Vietnam War in the early 1970s, there was an interlude in their history. The drummer, Ian Kinkead, departed the group and Australia, to join with other musicians to entertain the American soldiers serving in Southern Vietnam. When Ian returned to Melbourne in 1972, the group reformed again. Now as a quintet, it included the original members of the 1966 trio Jeff Donoghue, Ian Kinkead and Bob Millar, plus two new members Ian had met during his Vietnam experience. The group, with an additional lead singer and keyboard player, were now performing in a new music era, the Pub Rock (Australia) scene. External pressures and demands caused them to finally disband in 1973. Their last appearances together were at the Blackburn Hotel, Blackburn, Victoria.

Decades on, after a resurgence of interest in the music of the Sixties for 'Aussie garage groups', another Australian Record Company has rescued The Deakins song set from the archives. Remastering and re-releasing the tracks as part of a series of Composite CDs. These CDs portray the music beat scene of the sixties GO!! Era. The Original 7 inch vinyl records, displaying the GO!! label, have become desirable collectors items. Look and Learn has become the group's anthem.

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  1. I went to Oak Park High School with Jeff, Ian and Gary - they started their musical pursuits whilst there.