Monday, 11 May 2015

Big Red - 1982 - The Traveller

The Traveller/Slow Down

"The Traveller" was recorded at the Music Farm. Prior to this ten songs written by Peter Blyton, Tim Gaze and Chris Lloyds were recorded at Suite 16 in Brisbane, however none of these songs were ever released. In 1983 Big Red recorded five songs at Billy Fields' Paradise Studios in Sydney with Bill McDonough (brother of Guy and ex drummer of Australian Crawl) producing. Unfortunately these too were never released as the band played its last gig on the 30th June, 1983. The original line-up of Big Red had Peter Blyton, Suite 16's co-owner, playing bass, Peter Willersdorf taking his place when Blyton's studio commitments took priority. Scott Williams, Brett's brother, took Willersdorf's spot when he left. Tim Gaze, Robbie France and Annette Henry also departed and were replaced by Daryl Mitchell, ex "Skintite" on guitar and Jon Carson on drums. Later, Brett went on to join "The Choir Boys".

Big Red was one of only a handful of Queensland bands to appear on Countdown. "The Traveller" went Top 10 on Brisbane radio and 64 nationally in 1982. The band was managed by George Muskens and its members lived on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. The song was recorded with Ian Mason at The Music Farm near Mullumbimby.

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