Friday, 22 May 2015

Daly-Wilson Big Band - 1978 - To Good For A One Night Stand

Star Wars/Charlies Angels/Lady Madonna/Song For Sarah/Car Wash/Gonna Fly Now (Rocky)/Doctor Sunshine/Baretta/Tribute To A Czar/Timepiece/Carnival/The Greatest Love Of All-I Always Knew I Had It In Me

Formed in 1968, the Daly-Wilson Big Band was the brainchild of Warren Daly (drums) and Ed Wilson (Trombone, composer, arranger-orchestrator). The band manager and 3rd partner was Don Raverty, (lead trumpet). The Daly-Wilson Big Band band grew out of an underground movement in Sydney, Australia, playing transcriptions, re-arrangements of existing jazz standards and originals in a Jazz, Funk-Rock, Fusion style. They band recorded 2 albums before Benson & Hedges chose to sponsor the band, thereby making it a viable entity.
 The band toured Australia several times between 1973 & 1978 but also toured to New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, England and the USA. In the USA they performed at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas as well as Donte’s, the renowned jazz venue in Los Angeles. They recorded several albums with only the “ON TOUR” album going gold. Many of Australia’s foremost musicians of the 70’s and beyond owe their careers to the start they got in the Daly-Wilson Big Band. After their initial tour, to rave reviews, all subsequent concert tours were sell-outs.

Some Of The Many Band Members

Barry Sutton, Bob Bertles, Bob McIvor, Bob Pritchard, Charles Hull, Col Nolan, David Glyde, Dieter Vogt, Don Raverty, Doug Foskett, Ed Wilson, Errol Buddle, Geoff Naughton, Graeme Jesse, Greg Foster, Herb Cannon, Hugh Williams, Jeff Duff, John Coca, John Helman, John Mitchell, Larry Elam, Merv Knott, Mick Kenny, Mick Reid, Miles Harris, Norm Harris, Pat Crichton, Paul Long, Peter Scott, Ray Aldridge, Steve Powell, Warren Clark, Warren Daly.


Live! At The Cellblock Columbia 1970, On Tour Reprise Records 1973, Daly-Wilson Big Band Featuring Kerrie Biddell - The Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band Festival Records 1975, Daly-Wilson Big Band Featuring Marcia Hines - Daly-Wilson Big Band Reprise Records 1975, In
Australia '77 Hammard 1976, Too Good For A One Night Stand Hammard 1978. 

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