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Blue Echoes - 1973 - Going To A Party

Going To A Party/Don't You Want Me

For a number of years The Blue Echoes had provided an ongoing party atmosphere at pubs and clubs in Melbourne and then recorded an album of party standards and favourites just before they went their separate ways. The album "Dancing In The Streets" was used as a staple by Mobile DJs in the late 1970s early 1980s. 

They were the resident band at Tottenham Hotel for numerous years. The Blue Echoes are credited as a cabaret act playing covers but had a wealth of experience. Members had been playing and recording with bands such as the Checkmates, Blue Jays, Jigsaw, and Fantasy.

The Blue Echoes one of the longest surviving Australian groups, having stayed together in various line-ups for twenty years spanning early 1964 to late 1983.  The original line up consisted of : Ray Eames, Ray Quon, Ron Chapman, Phil Golotta & Chris Stoddard.

One interesting side fact is that Phil Golotta wrote "Hitch A Ride On A Smile" for Jamie Redfern who had a big hit with it in 1974. This song is is available on CD as of 2009 but is also available for download on this blog - please use search facility to locate the track.

The Blue Echoes had a few local hits in Melbourne one of which was "Going To A Party". The first singles were on the Image label.

Band Members.

Phil Golotta - Vocals
Russell Boyle - bass
Don Mudie - bass
Doug Reece - bass
Chris Studdard - bass
Ron Chapman - drums
Ron Blackway - keyboards
Ray Quon - keyboards
Johnm Rodgers - steel guitar
Ray Harriss - guitar
Joe Paparone - guitar
Andy Doig - guitar
Ray Eames - guitar
Rod Kirkman - Vocals
Robin Jolley - Vocals

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  1. Quite right Mortadella. I still have my beaten up copy of Dancing IN The Streets from my mobile DJing days :-)