Thursday, 31 March 2016

Beathoven - 1978 - Sky Girl

Shy Girl/Does It Matter As Much To You

Beathoven are a power pop band formed in Hobart, Tasmania in 1975. Featuring singer/songwriters David Minchin, Charles Touber, Greg Cracknell, and drummer Brent "Beep" Jeffrey, Beathoven (as The Innocents) are one of only two Tasmanian bands to ever have Australian chart success (the other being MEO 245)

David Minchin (guitar/vocals), Charles Touber (guitar/vocals), Greg Cracknell (bass/vocals), Brent "Beep" Jeffrey (drums 1975-1979). Renowned for their popularity in Hobart in the late 1970s, their first record release was "Do You Remember The Time/Darlin'" on the Candle label. There was a local equivalent of Beatlemania about the Beathoven early years (sometimes referred to as "Tasmania") and ensured that when they took their touring technique of focusing on school dances and lunchtime concerts to Melbourne in 1977, success and press cynicism followed. Shortly following the move the band began touring the East coast of Australia. Such was their popularity after several months, ambulances were a regular fixture outside their shows, and the band were offered their own signature ice cream line.

Eventually signing a much heralded international contract with EMI which resulted in the release of "Shy Girl/Does it Matter as Much to You" and "Shy Girl/Does It Matter As Much To You" under their original name Beathoven. The band were then released from their label, (despite being the favored nominees for Best New Group of 1978 Award from amongst Cold Chisel, Models and The Sports). When Kim Fowley discovered them in his Australian search for "the new Abba or Beatles" they were forced to change their name to The Innocents, as EMI still owned the name under their contractual agreement.


  1. Hey Mortadella.
    You can add Bang The Drum to your charting Tasmanian bands, and do The Kravats (Baby Let Me Take You Home, 1965)count? They charted in Hobart & Perth.

  2. Hi Tony long time no see (Deutros, Tony H here) That's the trouble with cut and paste and no checking but I would say the original author can't remember who would have been counting National charts so no Kravats and Bang The Drum were Bigger than Texas while resident in Tassy and changed there name when relocated to Sydney.