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Matt Flinders - 1972 - Matt Flinders On Television

Long Live Love/Home/Everything A Man Could Ever Need/All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings/Pieces Of Dreams/Blowin' In The Wind/You Can Have Her/Somewhere My Love/Oh My Child/Fools Rush In/At Last, At Last/This Is My Life

 Sylvan Louis Bonett was born in Egypt of mixed (French, English, Italian) parentage. His family moved to England in 1950, then to Australia in 1951. Bonett performed his National Service with the Royal Australian Air Force at Point Cook, Victoria in the mid-fifties, after which he began singing and playing guitar in Melbourne (during this time he performed under the name Louis Bonett). He began playing double bass with some musical groups, touring Japan and Australia. In the early 1960s he returned to England, formed a musical group, and worked in London for four years.

When he returned to Australia, he led the band (as well as singing and playing the double bass) at the Chevron Hotel in Melbourne. During that time he performed several singing commercials that were used on Australian radio and television stations; they came to the attention of Ron Tudor of Astor Records, who offered him a recording contract. Tudor suggested a name change to something which DJs would more easily remember and pronounce correctly. Flinders' first recording for Astor was Something Is Happening, which peaked at #14 on the charts. The following year his song Picking Up Pebbles was released, it rose to the top of the chart. After that time his songs were released on Tudor's own record label, "Fable". He also began working with ABC to present shows on both radio and television. One year his television program won an award.

 Flinders had two top ten singles in Australia: Picking up Pebbles (1969) which reached No.1 in Melbourne and Butterfly (1971). He has received several recording awards and professional accolades for his talent, both as a performer and professional musician.

Flinders appeared on his own television show, Matt Flinders and Friends (1972–1973), as well as his own radio show, both for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Flinders is currently retired from the entertainment industry and now works as a civil celebrant with his wife, Coralie. His music can be found on his site

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