Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lime Spiders - 1987 - Weirdo Libido 12" EP

Weirdo Libido/Here With My Love/I Was Alone/Mr Soul/Time Of Day/My Flash On You 

Lime Spiders were an Australian post-punk unit resurrecting the trashier elements of '60s garage and psychedelic rock with willful abandon. Vocalist Mick Blood formed the band in the early '80s with guitarist Gerald Corben, bassist Tony Bambach and drummer Ricky Lawson. The band recorded two singles during 1983 (released on the Slave Girl EP two years later) and signed to Virgin Records. Lime Spiders' first album was the excellent The Cave Comes Alive!, but the following year's Volatile was a bit of disappointment, veering closer to stultifying hard rock. The group broke up after 1990's Beethoven's Fist.

Not only could they cut it live with the best of them, but the Spiders built a wonderful legacy of melodic, energetic, rock tracks that connected with fans worldwide.From the early days of the 25th Hour EP, through the Cave Comes Album, Volatile and the under-rated Beethoven's Fist albums, the Spiders created some incredible rock music. In later years the band released a best of (Nine Miles High), and the powerful 'Live at the Espy' album.

The Spiders have the honor of their music video for Weirdo Libido being the first video ever played on ABC TV's Rage program, and the single spent a number of weeks in the Australian Top 50 charts.The Lime Spiders catalogue is now being prepared for digital release and is expected to be available in late April/early May 2016. Until then, check out the music video for 'The Other Side Of You' of the Volatile album.

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