Thursday, 24 March 2016

No Nonsense - 1984 - A Round Tuit

Changes Must Be Made/Next Time/Hawaii Five-O/Changes Must Be Made (Extended Party Mix)/Hawaii Five-O (Extended Party Mix)

  No Nonsense a is Melbourne (Australian) band that played the local pubs and clubs throughout the 1980's. Classified as Ska by some and nutty by others, the fact remains there sound was totally infectious. They borrowed styles from international acts like Bad Manners and Madness, but still had a very unique sound, that ensured a large and loyal following.

Before they were known as No Nonsense they were Dicky Moron and the Rude Boys. Formed in April 1981 the band members included Rod McQueen (Guitar) Richard Bruce (Vocals) Morry (Bass) Rob Drinkwater (drums) Pete (keyboards).


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