Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gemini singles Sunshine River and Butterfly Wings

Sunshine River/12.30

Butterfly Wings/Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out

Gemini were a Perth band who were formed and broke up in 1969 but managed to release 2 singles "Sunshine River"  according to which source you believe charted at #4 #5 or #6 on the Perth charts and "Butterfly Wings". The band was discovered by some 6PR DJ's who were on a night out at the Chalet Healy were the band were playing and the tune that got there attention was "Sunshine River" they were put in touch with Martin Clarke of Clarion records and they cut "Sunshine River"  and ended up with a hit in their home town of Perth. It got as high as No 6 on the local 6PR Official chart of 17th October 1969.

The Band consisted of Sue Jennings on lead vocals with the rest of the band being Len Wright on keyboards, Paul Young on drums, Charlie Hall on Guitar, Bill Miller on Bass and Nick Melidonis on backing vocals.

Chris Hall would eventually become a novelist his debut novel, Summer’s Gone about life in the sixties was released in 2014. The book explores the reality of coming of age in Australia in that era, amid the musicbusiness, sexual freedom, women’s rights and the fight against conscription.

                         Left to Right Len Wright Sue Jennings Paul Young Nick Melidonis and Charlie Hall

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  1. Great post I remember I had the Sunshine River single years ago and where is it today who knows? Another one of those records that got away.