Sunday, 7 February 2016

Band Of Talabene - 1972 - Herbert's Boogie

Herbert's Boogie/Tell It Like It Is

A nice little slab of Aussie pub/rock boogie. The band name may not be familiar but even in 1972 these guys were some of the best in the business. Fronted by Aussie guitar great Phil Manning after he had left Chain, he was joined by another excellent guitarist Tony Naylor (Bootleg Family Band/Avalanche/Jon English & the Foster Brothers), bassist Guss Fenwick (Pleazers/Bootleg Family/Band Of Light/Healing Force) & drummer Tony Tony Buettel (Bay City Union, Levi Smith's Clefs, Fraternity, Band of Light) "Herbert's Boogie" was produced by Brian Cadd & issued on his Bootleg Records label in late 1972. Phil would then leave the band in Naylor's capable hands while he joined Mighty
Mouse, who evolved back into Chain. Meantime Tony's new line-up released one more single in 1973 before forming the nucleus of Brian Cadd's Bootleg Family.  (Bio thanks Micko)

Phil Manning (vocals, guitar
Tony Naylor (guitar, vocals),
Phil Gaunt - 1972
Tony Buettel (drums),
Gus Fenwick (bass),
Peter Roberts (guitar),
Fran Kelly (bass, 1973),
Peter Curtain (drums),
Paul 'Sheepdog' Wheeler (bass, 1973),
Dallas 'Digger' Royal (drums, 1973),
Steve Webb (drums, 1973)

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