Friday, 10 July 2015

Mondo Rock - 1984 - Good Advice 12 inch

Good Advice (Extended Version)/Good Advice/Dark Secrets

The charismatic Ross Wilson and the prolific songwriter Eric McCusker made Mondo Rock one of the top Aussie bands of the eighties who can forget such great songs as Chemistry, State Of The Heart, Summer Of 81, A Touch Of Paradise and Come Said The Boy. As far as I can tell this 12 inch released in 1984 appeared on no other locally released album but the songs did appear on some overseas releases the Dark Secrets track was included on the Essential Daddy Cool Double CD 2006 release.


  1. Thank you for re-upping this 12 Inch & Wendy % the Rocketts, one more time. If possible could you re-post the other Mondo Rock 12” Remix Maxi Single - Primitive Love Rites (Extended Mix)/Rule Of Threes (Extended Mix), and Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons - Dexterity EP

    Also, would you happen to have - Boys Next Door (Any At All), Painters & Dockers (Any At All), Kids In The Kitchen –Terrain Album, The Sound –Shock Of Daylight (1984), Menatl As Anything later albums after Fundamental As Anything or 12 inch Maxi Remixes by the Mentals?

    Now I read on the dexterity post that you had someone send you some vinyl. If I can zip a few Aussie things say any one of your artists listed zip it and give you the link. Would you be ok with that, just trying to share and help out, if not I understand !!.If I had extra’s of what I have I would definitely try and send a few vinyl/LP's to you. But I have quite a few Aussie vinyls just not the super hard to find stuff.

    Just asking, thanks again!! Appreciate all that you have done and shared/re-upped !!!

    1AussieMusicLover (Plus a Whole Lot More…)

  2. 1AussieMusicLover I have no problem with you sending me links.

    I've been slow in processing your requests as I had no record player my old one died but my new one has finally arrived secondly my internet has been extremely slow for a couple of months but my provider after some heated discussion has finally fixed the problem and it now appears to be smooth sailing so I will be able to post some moer of your requests.