Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - 1979 - Screaming Targets

Hit And Run/Dont Wanna Come Down/Katschara/Only The Lonely Hearted/You Made A Fool Out Of Me/Close To The Bone/Shape I'm In/Trials And Tribulations/Thin Line/Open Hearted
Bonus Live At The Sentimental Bloke
Security/So Young/Not A Woman Not A Child/Mona/The Cthulhu

Released in 1979 it had 2 hits "Hit And Run" made #12 and "Shape I'm In" #22. When I bought this I was lucky enough to get a copy with the bonus disc "Live At The Sentimental Bloke" didn't realise at the time that all the albums didn't have the extra vinyl.

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  1. Always liked Joe, thanks for the share Mort.