Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Anne & Johnny Hawker - Dear World

Dear World/Emmaline

Anne & Johnny Hawker are a Melbourne husband and wife duo. Orchestra leader and arranger Johnny Hawker worked on many Australian recordings. During 1968/69 Anne & Johnny had 5 hits together as well as 2 further solo hits by Anne. they released 10 singles, the biggest was the duos debut smash "Cinderalla Rockefella", which outsold the original by Esther & Abi Ofarim Australia wide. Their hit follow up's were: "Lovin' Season", "I Got You", "Dear World", & "Real True Lovin'". Anne also did particularly well with her own singles. "Boom-Bang-A-Bang", again matching the Top 10 placing of Lulu's original version & "Timothy" which followed it into the Top 20. Dear world was released in 1969 and made #30 in Melbourne.

Singles Discography

A-7096 1968 Anne and Johnny Hawker "Cinderella Rockefella"/"Wiggle Your Toes

A-7109 1968 Anne and Johnny Hawker "Lovin' Season "/"Morning Song

A-7113 1968 Anne and Johnny Hawker "I Got You"/"We Can't Afford The "In" Crowd

A-7125 1968 Anne Hawker "Timothy "/"Albert

A-7130 1969 Anne and Johnny Hawker "You're Out Of Your Mind "/"Take A Breath

A-7133 1969 Anne Hawker "Boom Bang-A-Bang "/"All Day Long

A-7134 1969 Anne and Johnny Hawker "I Love Your Chin "/"My Lover And I

A-7136 1969 Anne and Johnny Hawker Dear World "/"Emmaline

A-7144 1969 Johnny Hawker "My Papa Has Got One (Les Moustaches) "/"Runaround

A-7149 1969 Anne and Johnny Hawker "Real True Lovin' "/"Long Gone

A-7168 1970 Anne and Johnny Hawker "Kelly Country / Chief of Police"

A-7170 1970 Johnny Hawker Banking Business / It's The Irish In Me

A-7194 1971 Anne and Johnny Hawker "How Are We Gonna Live to Be 100 Years Old / Jerilderie"

A-7197 1971 Johnny Hawker Band Ob-Li-Di Ob-La-Da / Big Momma Cass

A-7205 1971 Anne Hawker "This Is Melbourne" "/"Watching Raindrops

A-7208 1971 Anne and Johnny Hawker "With a Little Bit of This / A Man of Destiny"


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