Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Max Merritt - Black Plastic Max

Rocks in My Head/Red Pig/A Lover's Question/I Could Have Told You So/Someone Touched Me/Rock and Roll Mole/Tryin' Too Hard/Touch and Go/More to Life Than This/Last Train to Clarksville

Max Merritt (born Maxwell James Merritt in Christchurch, New Zealand on 30 April 1941) is a New Zealand-born singer-songwriter and guitarist who is renowned as an interpreter of soul music and R&B. As leader of Max Merritt & The Meteors his best known hits are "Slippin' Away", which reached #2 on the 1976 Australian singles charts, and "Hey, Western Union Man" which reached #13. Merritt rose to prominence in New Zealand from 1958 and relocated to Sydney Australia in December 1964. Merritt was acknowledged as one of the best local performers of the 1960s and 1970s and his influence did much to popularise soul music / R&B and rock in New Zealand and Australia.

Merritt is a venerable pioneer of rock in Australasia who produced crowd pleasing shows for over 50 years. He has engendered respect and affection over generations of performers which was evident at the 2007 Concert for Max to provide financial support after it was announced he had Goodpasture's syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease. The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) recognised Merritt's iconic status on 1 July 2008 when he was inducted into their Hall of Fame.

For more info on Max check out his Bio here


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  2. Thanks for this, I've always liked Max's work. Although I don't recall hearing about his illness - so sad.

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