Sunday, 12 June 2011

Issi Dye - Personality

Personality/Hitch Hiker

In the 1960's Issi appeared on Television programs like Bandstand, Kommotion, The GO! Show and Uptight.
In late 1969 Issi had his first hit song with "Incense" and moved into the 1970's as a regular presenter and performer on the "Happening 70s" TV Show. This continued for three years.

During the 1970s, Issi toured with the great stars of music, including: Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, The Everly brothers, The Platters, Ray Charles, The Supremes, Chuck Berry and The Drifters.

He also shared the Australian stage with John Farnham, Molly Meldrum, Lonnie lee, Johnny O'Keefe, The Deltones, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd, Doug Parkinson, Ronnie Burns, The Masters Apprentices and many more...!

From the mid-70s until the end of the 90's, Issi had his own Television Programs on the Nine Network in Melbourne, Sydney and the Ten Network in Brisbane. Issi is still active today touring with anyone of his tribute shows at the moment he can be seen performing around the country with his Legends of Las Vegas revue.

This single released by Issi in 1974 on the Image label has 2 songs that are poles apart the A side "Personality" is an old chestnut recorded by Lloyd Price but the B side Hitch Hiker really rocks out it was co written and produced by Peter Robinson guitarist for the Strangers the other co writer i'm presuming is Buddy England.


  1. Thanks for this one Deutros. Been after Issi's recordings for a long time now. Evan though there's not a lot of 'em they are hard to find. Thanks again. :)

  2. My thoughts on Issi Dye were always somewhere along the lines of cleansing with fire, but I guess he was an acquired taste for some.