Saturday, 4 July 2009

Peter Nelson and the Castaways - Skye Boat Song

Skye Boat Song/Goin' Out Of My Mind

Peter Nelson and the Castaways originated in Christchurch, where Peter Nelson had previously been in another Christchurch group called The Diamonds. The Diamonds consisted of Ray Messervy on bass, Don Clarkson on guitar, Doug Petrie on drums, David Henderson on guitar, with Kaye Bassett and Peter Nelson handling the vocals. They released one single in 1963 which was "Ventures In Paradise"/"Lucille", both sides were instrumentals. When The Diamonds split up, Peter Nelson and The Castaways with Kaye Bassett was formed, and the new line-up consisted of Peter Nelson and Kaye Bassett (Vocalists), Len Ormsby (Lead Guitar), Don Clarkson (Bass), Doug Henderson (Rhythm Guitar) and Doug Petrie (Drums). On moving to Wellington in 1965 (at which time Kaye Bassett left), they became known exclusively as Peter Nelson and The Castaways. Peter Gillette on the VOX continental organ (who had been playing in The Opposition at The Plainsman when the Castaways left Christchurch), was recruited into the band, and he then also moved to Wellington. Once established in Wellington, Peter Nelson and the Castaways played locally and appeared on the local TV show Teen Scene. They recorded two singles, "Down the Road A Piece"/"I'll Go Crazy" and "Baby Can I Take You Home"/"I'll Never Be Blue". By this time the band had substantiated the following line-up: Peter Nelson (Lead Vocalist), Len Ormsby (Lead Guitar), Don Clarkson (Bass), Doug Henderson (Rhythm Guitar), Doug Petrie (Drums), Peter Gillette (Keyboards). Peter Nelson and the Castaways made a strong reputation for themselves with their quirky choice of their own originals mixed with rhythm and blues. Their biggest hit was "Down In The Mine" written by Peter Hindmarsh.

Another single was released, "Skye Boat Song/Goin' Out Of My Head" and by this time the band had built up a large following in Sydney owing to their appearances in sydney Discos their single reached #23 mainly due to sales in Sydney alone success was hampered by the fact that Perth band Glen Ingram and the Hi five had also released a version and it was their single that did better nationally. Interestingly in New Zealand the singles A-side was Goin' Out Of My Head but was changed to the B-side in Australia when Sydney radio stations started to play Skye Boat Song due to the success of the Glen Ingram platter.
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