Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Flowers - Can't Help Myself 10" Limited Edition

Can't Help Myself/Send Somebody/Can't Help Myself (Extended Version)

Flowers released one album "Icehouse" then changed their name to Icehouse. Led by Iva Davies the only constant member throughout and the driving force behind Icehouse.
Flowers released their debut single in May 1980, Can't Help Myself (written by Davies),which hit the Australian Top 10 in June 1980. This was followed by their debut album Icehouse, which reached #4 on the National albums chart and became one of the year's biggest selling albums in Australia. Further singles We Can Get Together and Walls from Icehouse also hit the Top 20.
Ripped from vinyl at 320kbps
Download here


  1. I love 10" records. I Bought this as a birthday present, you dont buy two copies when you buy presents do you ?. Wish I did

  2. What a great band they were, so many good songs ignored by radio but unfortunately radio doesn't like great Australian talent too much!!