Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ronnie Charles - Katy Jane

Katie Jane /No Face No Name And No Number


Ronnie Charles full name Ronnie Charles Boromeo was the lead singer of the Groop and on their breakup in 1969 released this single "Katie Jane" which he co-wrote, the B-side being the Traffic number "No Face No Name And No Number" both tracks are stunners. He released a second solo single "It's Been So Long/Natural Man" in 1970 which I'd like to get hold off. Ronnie then formed Captain Australia and The Honky Tonk the same year and released one single "Excerpts From Muses/Everybody I Love You" then they set off for the UK but like most Aussies that tried their luck in the UK they found the going tough and disbanded. The next band Ronnie formed was Atlas they released one album "Atlas" and released a couple of singles then broke up in '72. Still in England Ronnie recorded a solo album "Prestidigitation" in the late seventies Ronnie returned to Australia recorded another single "Rock n Roll Hoodlum/Aim For The Stars" and an album "Hands Off" released in 1983 and since then has fronted a number of bands and is currently fronting Ronnie Charles & The Retro Bandits.
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