Thursday, 16 June 2016

Terry Walker With The Hi Five - Long Time Gone

Terry Walker With The Hi Five - Long Time Gone/Glen Ingram & And The Hive Five - Skye Boat Song

Long Time Gone The Hi-Fives'  with lead vocalist, Terry Walker who wrote the song, heard on the A -side, would later turn up as vocalist on Pastoral Symphony's Love Machine and The Strangers' Happy Without You.

Skye Boat Song an upbeat r&b arrangement of the old music teachers' favourite, somewhat reminiscent of the Tom Jones version. Single on Perth, Western Australia, label Clarion, by Perth band High Fives Vocals by Glen Ingram. Double-sided hit in Perth. Co-charted in Sydney with version by New Zealand band Peter Nelson & the Castaways.

Released in Australia in 1966 Charted #6 Sydney #9 Melbourne #9 Brisbane #3 Adelaide

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