Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Little Sammy - 1967 - Rhythm & Crunch

Rhythm & Crunch/When It Comes To The Crunch

The single contains 2 songs that Sammy recorded in 1967 for the Smiths Crisps Company for use in advertising.

For an artist that only ever released a couple of records in Australia, Little Sammy has had an incredible career. He started out performing in the clubs of Kings Cross in the late '50s and went on to sing with respected groups like The In People and The Soul Syndicate in the '60s, before he finally moved to Europe where he enjoyed eight hit singles in the 1970s.

He toured the country with Lee Gordon’s Big Shows, was personal assistant to Keith Richards for two Rolling Stones tours, cut the Aussie Rap long before hip hop was popular and he even has a claim to being one of the first pop acts to play a concert at the Sydney Opera House.
Little Sammy Gaha left Australia towards the end of the '60s because he struggled to find an audience for his soulful sound. He quickly found plenty of appreciative ears overseas and began cutting the first of eight hit records in Europe. He made mind bending rock and roll, fronted jazz big bands and laid down some seriously funky soul music; tracks that are still winning him new fans today.

One of his first big breaks came when he was offered work with Blue Beard, who had already established a reputation in France. Sammy contributed to their sole LP and appeared on single releases like the great Sly Willy. It was while he was with Blue Beard that The Rolling Stones caught them playing at a bar near the villa where they were meant to be recording Exile On Main Street. Mick Jagger liked the group so much he asked them to sing at his wedding.

Not long after, Sammy set out on his own and his first hit was the result. Rock And Roll Is Back Again was recorded with producer and songwriter Jacques Moreli. The two didn’t really get along and Sammy soon sought other collaborators while Moreli went on to enjoy success with the Village People later in the decade. Vangelis and Francis Lai were friends and fans and Sammy cut records with both. He also appeared in films including The Legend Of Frenchie King (1971) alongside Brigitte Bardot and The Rex Gang (1980).

                                The Sammy Gaha Band Sammy second from the right.

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