Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ronnie Burns - 1977 - Listen To The Band

This Old Man/ Introduction To The Band/Kookaburra/Yellow Submarine/Skip To My Lou/Mulberry Bush/She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain/Let Your Hands Go Clap/Sing A Rainbow/ The Wheels On The Bus/A Frog Went Walking/Looby Lou/Morning Town Ride/One Man Went To Mow/Boa Consrictor/Row Row/Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 Ronnie Burns was always a favourite of mine along with Normie Rowe ,Russell Morris and Johnny Young and this had been the holy grail for me for some time as it was the only album of Ronnie's that I didn't have on vinyl and when I finally was able to locate it was somewhat disappointed to find that it was a children's album . Having said that the album itself has a few tracks that if had not been recorded with children in mind may have been great tracks, the tracks being Yellow Submarine ,Morningtown Ride, Sing A Rainbow and Somewhere Over The Rainbow (not as good as Billy version but once again if it hadn't been recorded with kids in mind may have been a 
great song.) The other thing about the album is that even though recorded for kids there are some good musical passages during some of the old kiddy's classics where the band almost break out. I can't help but think if this had been a solo release and not destined for children what might have been.

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