Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ugly Dave Gray - Gray & Spicy Boom Boom

Nobody Does It Like Me/Pennies From Heaven/Remember Me/Chloe/Galway Bay/The Old Bazzar In Cairo/Fan Dance Fanny/Lynn What If Your Mother Comes In/Sing Us Another One Do/Hands

Englishman really, but long adopted by Australia. His cheeky brand of Northern humour first found a home on Graham Kennedy's IMT, later he became a cast member of the classic 70s soap "The Young Doctors" and one of the regulars on Graham's version of the game show "Blankety Blanks" where his seemingly endless supply of 'Dick'jokes became stuff of legend. Speaking of Dick, he recently made a comeback advertising a nasal spray that asists with err.. men's problems. Some of the claims may have been slightly exaggerated.

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