Thursday, 11 June 2015

Jimmy and the Boys - 1979 - Not Like Everybody Else

I'm Not Like Everybody Else/Cops Are Coming/Butchy Boys/Vampire Love/Other Side/Wild Boys/Komputer Songg/Dr. Cairo/Rude To You/Wagga

“Jimmy and the Boys were an Australian New Wave band, active from 1975 to 1982, best known for their incredibly violent stage shows. The act revolved around vocalist Ignatius Jones and keyboard player Joylene Hairmouth - a couple of friends from Cranbrook and Riverview, exclusive private schools. Since 1976 the duo had been surrounded by various combinations of backing musicians, the constant guts and gore probably accounting for at least some of the member turnover. Their performance, their visual image, their on and offstage behaviour were all carefully designed to elicit the maximum level of shocked outrage from a public long since bored with the standard media fare of moral decadence. Sadomasochism, transvestitism, self-mutilation, drug abuse, inebriation, simulated sex and mock rape all took starring roles in Jimmy And The Boys’ blisteringly paced tribute to cultural degeneracy. The band was known for often causing audience riots in the more homophobic venues they played.”

I'd forgotten what a great album this is even though the themes of the songs are of bondage murder transvestites and sex changes this album just powers along with some really great rock songs The Cops are Coming ,Butchy Boys and Wild Boys. Another great track is Other Side written by co-written Kevin Borich and Todd Hunter amongst others.


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  2. Thanks very much for Jimmy and The Boys, Joao John appreciate the album. You wouldn't happen to have the other 2 by Mondo Rock and Kevin Borich would you.

  3. Thanks very much for those 3 Joao John looking forward to CD2.

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