Sunday, 2 November 2014

Benjamin Hugg - 1974 - Early One Morning

Interlude (Early One Morning)/Thank God You're Here With Me/Such Little Time/Lovely Picture/Silly Minded People/Alleys Of Austin/Michinberry Walk/My Jenny/Here Comes Alice And Me/I've Found Love/Hand Me Down Second Hand Smile/Epilouge (Early One Morning)

 Benjamin Hugg was a Melbourne based folk singer who had a #35 hit with "Thank God You're Here With Me" in 1974, The album contains some folk and poptunes .He released a second single "Minchinberry Walk" in 1975 .His second album "What's Been Happening" came out in 1975 Hugg formed a touring band The Benjamin Hugg Band which comprised of Greg Johnson (guitar) Keith Miller (bass) David Pitt (drums). At the 1974 King of Pop Awards Benjamin received the Best New Talent Award he then dissappeared from public view.

Bejamin's real name was Gary Hughes, he was born in Germany and came to Australia in the '70s. He married and had two daughters but was diagnosed with cancer in 1989, and died with his family around him at his home in Melbourne in 1991.

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