Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Daryl Braithwaite - All I Do

All I Do/Promised Land

In 1988, Braithwaite recorded and released his comeback album Edge. This LP featured a somewhat more adult contemporary sound than Braithwaite's previous work, and spawned four hit singles that returned him to the Australian singles charts after an absence of nearly a decade. Two of these hits, "As The Days Go By" and "All I Do", were penned by Canadian songwriter Ian Thomas; a third, "One Summer", was a Braithwaite original.

Braithwaite went on to have a number of solo hits in the early 1990s, including the Australian No. 1 "The Horses", a cover of a Rickie Lee Jones recording written by Jones and Walter Becker. He also made his first US chart appearance as a solo artist at No. 47 with the 1991 single "Higher than Hope", a song he co-wrote with Simon Hussey. By the end of 1991, Braithwaite's Rise album had become Australia's biggest selling CD of the year, and Edge had become the best selling album ever released by Sony Music Australia to that time.

Braithwaite then worked alongside Jef Scott, Simon Hussey and James Reyne to create the 1992 album Company of Strangers. Braithwaite sang lead or co-lead vocals on 4 of the album's tracks, including two Australian top 40 singles: "Motor City (I Get Lost)" (#26, 1992) and "Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star" (#35, 1993).

His comeback success was somewhat derailed by a 1992 lawsuit, in which his former managers sued Braithwaite for back payment of fees owing. The suit was successful, and Braithwaite essentially had to give up all the revenue he made from Edge and Rise, as well as a portion of the revenue from his next album, 1993's Taste The Salt. This last-named album was only moderately successful, and after a 1994 'best-of' collection was released, Braithwaite was dropped by his record company. He did not record another album for 12 years.

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