Sunday, 10 April 2011

Colleen Hewett - Dreaming My Dreams With You

Dreaming My Dreams Of You/One Eyed Man

Born in the central Victorian city of Bendigo, Hewett began her career at the age of 12 when she sang with The Esquires at the Bendigo YMCA. During the 1960s she toured Australia with a number of groups including the Laurie Allen Revue. She began her recording career in the early 1970s with the release of her debut single "Superstar" and sef-titled album Colleen Hewett. Cast in the musical Godspell at the original Playbox Theatre in Melbourne, she received a gold record for "Day by Day" (1972), her song from the show. These successes led to her being crowned Queen of Pop two years running. She later achieved two further gold records for "Dreaming My Dreams With You" (1980) and her version of "Wind Beneath My Wings" (1983).

Dreaming My Dreams With You charted at #2 Sydney #1 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #1 Perth #34 NZ . Dreaming My Dreams With You appears on the 1983 Self Titled Album while the B-Side is from the 1974 M'Lady album.


  1. Great song Deutros always been one of my favs by Colleen. I took my mum years ago to Sydney to see The Highwaymen and Waylon Jennings sang it and he did a great version. But Colleen's version is brilliant.

  2. Just one thing Deutros. One Eyed Man was added to the "M'Lady" album as a bonus track when it was ripped from vinyl but it wssn't originally from the album. Different record labels for a start. Atlantic (M'Lasdy) & Wizard

    Just for your info :-)

  3. I thought it was strange that the "One Eyed Man" would have come from the M'lady album as they are 9 years apart I only came into possesion of the vinyl album recently and haven't played it so did not realise have only played the digital version that you posted on Midoztouch wich I have just noticed that I never thanked you for I'll do that now Thanks Micko.

  4. Haha you're very welcome Deutros, Enjoy :-)

  5. Hector McFreckle15 July 2011 at 17:20

    Hi guys, Colleen's actually a friend of the family. Great single this one.

  6. Hi Hector nice of you to drop by say hello to Colleen for us.