Monday, 12 April 2010

La De Das - Rock 'n' Roll Decade '64 - '74

Little Girl/How Is The Air Up There/Don't You Stand In My Way/I Take What I Want/On Top Of The World/ Jump Back/Hey Baby/Find Us A Way/All Purpose Low/Intro-Covered In Gold/Ruby For The Lady/Come And Fly With Me/Swallow, Little Swallow/You Can't Take It With You/ Life Is Leaving!/Tales Of The Nile/Winter Song/Lullabye/Civic Pride/The Chant/Come Together/Sweet Girl/Gonna See My Baby Tonight/Morning Good Morning (Outro New World Motors Ad)/Rock Me Baby (Live)/The Place/Too Pooped To Pop/ I'm In Love Again/Honky Tonkin'/All Along The Watchtower/Gone Dead Train/I'm Ready (Live)

This compilation was released in 1981 and has some hard to find tracks including a couple of live songs it also contains the entire Happy Prince album


  1. Hey Deutros - I have this on double-cassette tape set but have been too lazy to covert it to digital. My old tape deck in the car still works, so had no real immediate need to digitize it.
    When I first heard the 'Happy Prince' material I wasn't that impressed (I guess I was too popped to pop at that stage of my life) but it has grown on me over the years.
    Thanks for the great share!

  2. My mate bought this when it first came out and at the time I thought much the same as you but I have also come to like it as well AussieRock.

  3. I owned Rock 'n' Roll Sandwich and Legend on vinyl in the 70s, but I've never heard The Happy Prince and looking at the track listing, there are a lot of other songs on this set that I've never heard.

    Thanks for the share, Deutros

  4. Great album mate I've always like the La De Das and Kevin's solo stuff. This early stuff I missed so good to hear it finally. Thanks again.

  5. Great stuff, thanks for the post mate.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog and gratefully picked-out two posts that I dont have.
    I do appreciate the time that you guys spend on your uploads, cleaning n ripping old vinyl, etc I do it also in my own small way and it certainly can be thankless, just as well we love the music eh?
    I am seeking 2 tracks or better still the albums that they appeared on -
    'Divers Down' - Australian Crawl - from the album 'Between a Rock and A Hard Place'
    'Tell Me Why' - Kevin Borich - from the album 'Kevin Borich Collection'
    A cheeky request but would much appreciate this share or a lead to them. THanks

  7. Good to hear The Happy Pince again. Thanks Deutros

  8. unreal loved the la de das

  9. WOW! Becoming a fan of The La De Da's. The links to your vinyl rip seem, however, to be obsolete. Any chance of uploading them elsewhere? Lots of free cloud services I could recommend...Thanks!

  10. New Link installed for you Johan you might also like to visit visit me here but you will have to become a member

  11. Dear Mort, you are awesome! Just downloaded - really appreciate you adding the new link. Get back to ya when I have a good listen to everything...Cheers!