Thursday, 1 April 2010

Frankie Davidson - (I Love You) Don't You Forget It

Frankie Davidson - (I Love You) Don't You Forget It/ Johnny Hawker Orchestra - Lost Patrol

Frankie Davidson, OAM seems to have been around for ever and probably has, he is best known for his self written humourous pieces ranging from "Have you ever been to see King’s Cross?" "Have you ever been to see Old London Town?" "Ball bearing Bird", through to "Gimmie Dat Ding", "I hope your chooks turn into Emus". "50,00000 blowflies can't be wrong". "The Aussie Barbeque Song". and, "We love the Beatles". This single is one of those custom jobs that used to appear quite regularly in the early sixties various petol companies used to have them as I remember, this one was for Lawrence Dry Cleaners. Released in 1963 The B-side is an instrumental By "Johnny Hawker Orchestra" "Lost Patrol" which was the theme for Four Corners.

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  1. Thanks for this mate, I have this single but it's in pretty bad shape and was having a hell of a time fixing it up but now I don't have to LOL thanks again. :)