Friday, 19 February 2010

Showcase Vol. 2

(1) Ann. v: Gordon Boyd. (2) Praeludium. v: Jane Peters. (3) Some Enchanted Evening. v: Dale Gordon Stewart. (4) Valse Brilliante. v: Mark Leslie. (5) Medley: Back In The Old Routine/You Were Meant For Me/California Here I Come v: The Malgray Two.(6) Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. William Hennessy. (7) He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. v: Ross Hamblyn-Taylor. (8) This Could Be The Start Of Something. v: Inner Circle. (9) Dawn In Darkness v: Mark Holden. (10) Never, Never, Never. v: Markeeta Little Wolf. (11) Music Of The Day. v: Peter Combe. (12) Theme From “Shaft”. Orchestra.

Showcase was a Talent Quest variety show that ran on Australian TV in the Sixties and Seventies hosted by Gordon Boyd the show had all types on it as you can see from the line up on this album . Of interest on this album are a young Mark Holden, Markeeta Little Wolf (Whose Australian album can be found on Midoztouch) and the future King of the kids Peter Combe.


  1. At a stretch, Peter Combe, Mark Holden & perhaps most of all Markeeta Little Wolf are the only ones of any interest at all Deutros, as you said. Nonethless from a historical perspective this album is another fabulous offering. Many thanks mate