Saturday, 20 February 2010

Jon English - Lovin' Arms

Lovin' Arms/By Firelight

Jon English arrived in Australia from England at the age of 12 after leaving school was a member of Zenith and Sebastian Hardie. He then auditioned for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and he landed the role that would make him a star Judas. Since then Jon has had hit singles and albums appeared on a number of T.V. series such as Matlock and No.96 as well as the hit mini series Against The Wind. This role won him a logie and the single from the series "Six Ribbons" a #1 single. This single comes from the 1976 album Hollywood Seven, "Lovin' Arms" could only mange #55 on the charts and the b-side is a non album track.


  1. Thanks for this Deutros.
    Of course I've got Lovin' Arms on LP but have not heard the B-Side, so looking forward to hearing this.

  2. Hi mate just to let you know you mispelt jon's name in the post header
    Cheers dazza

  3. Thanks for this one mate the B side is great never heard it before thanks again :)

  4. The B Side is track 5 from the "It's All A Game" LP(1974)and that LP is included on the "Great Jon English" CD set

    Great site - much appreciated!

  5. Thanks for that pickup egroegg only checked the album that the A-side was on.

  6. Thanks Deutros,

    ah, probably wrong place to ask but do you know what the B side to the "All Together Now" single was? If you don't want to post the q, could you let me know the answer(if you can)at, please?

    Many thanks!

  7. jeez not much info out there on Aussie artists when you want to know something is there egroegg no I'm afraid I don't know what the B-side is.