Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sharon O'Neill - Physical Favours

Physical Favours/Silk Or Stone

O'Neill began her career in the 1970s in her home country New Zealand, then gained major success in Australia with the hit "Words" and the subsequent singles "How Do You Talk to Boys?" "Maybe" "Losing You" and "Power".
The early 1980s proved her most commercially successful period, composing and performing the soundtrack to the 1981 film "Smash Palace", and with the Foreign Affairs album in 1983 spawning her biggest hit "Maxine" , a song which chronicled the life of a Kings Cross prostitute. A legal battle with her then record company Sony caused a delay in her career.
In 1987 Sharon returned with arguably her best album (if under-rated at the time) Danced in the Fire "Physical Favours" was lifted from that album the B-Side "Satin And Stone" is a non album track.


  1. I don't necessarily agree that "Danced in the Fire" was Sharon's best album. In fact I was very disappointed it was so computer/synth generated. However I do agree hat this was perhaps her best single in a tough field to chose from



  2. I'm chasing a copy of "Foreign Affairs" A great album from 1983.

  3. you can try this link,g/943-Sharon-O-Neill-Foreign-Affairs-1983.html