Friday, 18 September 2009

Mr. Lee Grant - Mr. Lee Grant

Havah Nagilah/You Can Have Her/ The Real Thing/Some Kina Magic/Coloured Lights/Opportunity/Yo Yo/Take My Hand/Love/The Coalman/Spicks And Specks/Thanks To You

Mr. Lee Grant Kiwi superstar of the late sixties didn't make much of an impression here in OZ but was huge over there The Mr. may seem a bit pretentious but that was added to avoid confusion with a local actress with the same name. The album which I had never heard before was quite good .
A special thanks to Rex for sending me this album.
The opening track "Hava Nagilah" I thought was a strange choice until I read that he was born Bogdan Charis Kominowski to Polish parents on April 22 1945, in a Nazi concentration camp just outside Dusseldorf. His father was killed, but he and his mother survived and emigrated to New Zealand in 1949, settling in Palmerston North chilling stuff. The song "The Real Thing" not the Russell Morris hit is probably my Fave followed by the 2 Bee Gees covers Ronnie Burn's hit "Coalman" and the Bee Gee's first big hit "Spicks And Specks".


  1. Mate where do you find this stuff? Heard about this guy but until never heard the music, good album thanks again :)


  2. Hi there,

    Is it just me or does this cover look like Bob Downe?

    Thanks for this D.

    Tom Mix

  3. Thanks Deutros,I'll grab this :)

  4. Sadly download link is no longer working - any chance of a repost!!!

  5. Hi Nathan the download link is in the header underneath the date.

  6. No link...It's been deleted.

  7. No link...It's been deleted. Any chance of a re-up ? Cheers

  8. Hi mate,
    Its Glen from Sydney, hope all is well.

    Just found your great blog.

    Any chance of a reup on this as the Megaupload link is cactus.


  9. Hi Glen welcome to the blog have fixed the link hope you enjoy the album.

  10. My apologies to those that had tried to point out that the link was dead but in the past unless you had mentioned which post had the dead link there was no way of me being able to know what the comment was referring to but blogger have gotten their act together and now the comment is linked to the post.