Saturday, 12 August 2017

Lee Conway - 1975 - Lee Conway WAVE

Thinking Of You/There's No Kentucky Anymore/When Was The Last Time/I Recall A Gypsy Woman/The Dreamer/Queen Of The Silver Dollar/The Shelter Of Your Eyes/Mama Lou/It Sure Was Love/Gunman's Code/Hubbardville Store

  Born March 10th 1944 in war-torn Poland, Lee’s family emigrated to Australia when he was three. They settled in Fitzroy, one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, as part of a large post-war influx of european migrants that displaced the area’s traditional working-class inhabitants.

In the early 1970′s there was a new sound on the airwaves when a song called “Wanted Man” roared up the Australian Music Charts.

Lee’s ability to craft songs was recognized by the Australian Federation of Broadcasters when his original album ”Stories We Could Tell” won “Best Album, Single and song.”

The boy from the back streets of Fitzroy was developing quite a reputation with his distinctive voice and professionalism. Touring nationally and internationally become a way of life.

Jerry Lee Lewis regarded Lee as his own personal discovery and recorded him. It wasn’t long before Lee headlined the prestigious “international Festival of Country Music” at Wembley together with Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lyn, Bobby Bare and Rick Nelson.  The charismatic style and distinctive voice was applauded by British audiences and Lee was presented with the “Most Promising Performer of Great Britain” Award at the London Palladium.

Lee’s single “All I Want to Do in Life” went #3 on the US and Canadian music charts with the top places filled by the Johnny Cash classic “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and “California” by Glenn Campbell – No mean feat for a boy from Downunder!

Fame and success carry a high price, management and personal problems threatened to topple his career, so after representing Australia during the ANZAC Festival in Japan Lee returned home to record the best selling ” Big Iron” album. Headlining major country music festivals, touring nationally and working on his 42′ boat gave Lee more time to write, relax and record “Cowboys & Engines” but the lovingly crafted album was never released after a major management blunder  and problems saw thousands of copies warped and ruined!

It wasn’t too long before Lee Conway was back in the limelight again. Hosting the nationally and Internationally popular “Conway Country” television show.
Lee Conway has enjoyed many memorable moments in his long career and being selected to perform at the Royal  Command Gala before H.M. Queen Elizabeth was a definite highlight.

Lee’s prolific songwriting ability is not confined to country music, for many years Lee has written and produced many Award winning television and radio jingles. Teaming up with funny man Col Elliott to write and record the comedy song “Gone Fishin” became one of the most popular clips to be shown on CMTV.

He has been regarded as one of Australia’s most loved and respected country music artists and carved a special place in the hearts of all music fan and in 1982 he was inducted into the Hands of Fame.


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